Lock mixer configurations?

I want to lock my mixer configurations so any new tracks, synths, renders etc…aren’t automatically added to them. I spend too much time removing & saving each time I add something to the project.

I checked manual, probably simple & right in front of me but I can’t find the answer.


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Do you mean the Visibility? Would you expect the new track is hidden in your configuration by default? If you mean this, it’s not possible. A new track is always shown in all configurations.

Visibility, correct. Anytime a track of any kind gets added it also gets added to my mixer configs. I was hoping it would be possible to lock the visibility settings in the mixer window only. I guess not?

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Yep. The MixConsole configurations can’t be locked (at least not in v10.5 or 11).
If this is important to you (as it is for me and for others), please vote the feature-request post created by @samirelborno . This is the link: