Lost my in-app purchases

I’m running Cubasis 3.5.1 with all in-app purchases on my iPad Pro.
Today I tried to restore all in-app purchases on my new iPhone. It told me only one purchase was restored (Waves Tune Real-Time).
After checking app-store and iCloud settings on both devices, I now lost all purchases but one from my iPhone and iPad Cubasis!
What am I missing?

This may be a stupid question but are both your devices on the same Apple account, because I recently transferred all my Cubasis3 and all its goodies to my iPhone, everything was there except for some AUv3 synths that are not intended for iPhone :thinking:

Hi @MarcelX,

Normally, Cubasis in-app purchases should automatically be synced between your iPhone and iPad devices. If you encounter issues, please have a look at the following steps:

  • Go to the “iPhone settings” and log in with your Apple ID for your purchases and the iCloud.

Make sure that you are logged in at both places with the same Apple ID on both iPad and iPhone. Also make sure that iCloud is enabled.

Cubasis 3 uses iCloud to sync your list of purchases across all your devices. Hence, iCloud must be enabled with the same Apple ID.

Please let me know if this helps resolving your issue.


Hello @LSlowak and @fixitmania53,

I already followed the Apple ID and iCloud procedure, that is when I also lost all IAP on my older iPad.
Oddly enough, on all devices, Cubasis declared that Waves Tune Real-Time was restored!

Hi @MarcelX,

Your in-app purchases are stored to your Apple ID, used for the purchase.
We are unaware about any issues in this regard.

Is it possible that you’ve used different Apple IDs for your purchases?
If you encounter further issues, we suggest contacting Apple.

Please keep me updated.


Posting the solution for it might help someone.

As stated, the Waves Tune Real-Time IAP did get synced over all devices!!!
As well informed people know, this was the latest IAP, after Cubasis 3 was released. Thus all other IAP must have been purchased with Cubasis 2.
Now many might remember what drama this update created for the purchases when people went from version 2 to version 3.
As a guess, I reinstalled latest Cubasis 2 and voila, all my IAP showed up!

So whatever they call it, there is no decent way to restore, tranfer or sync IAP and certainly no reason to blame Apple.

What if I didn’t own my iPad anymore? Or if Cubasis 2 is no longer surported. I doubt I would be able to restore my IAP.

Hi @MarcelX,

You did not mention that you’ve purchased your previous IAPs with Cubasis 2.
We’ve fully described the procedure to transfer existing Cubasis 2 IAPs to Cubasis 3 in the following article:


@LSlowak, it seems you did not read my opening post that well!

The transfer to Cubasis 3.0.1 was successful on my iPad and iPhone 3 years ago!