Lower Zone Editor Tabs get closed when doing specific actions

There is an issue where doing specific actions can cause the Inspector Tabs of the Lower Zone Sample Editor to close.

  • When toggling Musical Mode when the Snap Point isn’t at Event Start.
    This issue has already been posted separately because at that time I thought it was the only way to trigger the issue, but I have now found multiple ways to do it.
    Please make sure to read the topic entirely, or click the following text to expand the details :
Click to show details about Musical Mode

  • When nudging the event with the Ctrl+Left/Right key command.
    The tabs will close differently depending on whether the Lower Zone Editor is in focus or not :

    1. Editor not in focus + All tabs opened = Only Definition and Hitpoints remain open.
    2. Editor not in focus + All tabs opened except Definition = All tabs remain open.
    3. Editor in focus + All tabs opened = All tabs get closed.
    4. Editor in focus + All tabs opened except Definition = Only Range and Process remain open.

    (Seriously, there are four possibilities and all lead to four different results, and strange enough, the issue won’t trigger when clicking the Move Left and Move Right buttons from the Nudge Palette directly, though the corresponding shortcut is Ctrl+Left/Right… :exploding_head:)

  • When Selecting the Event in the Project Window (when not already selected).
    It will only occur when the the Definition tab is opened, in which case it results in the closing of all the other tabs except Definition and Hitpoints.
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vertical zoom reset 2

  • When Resizing the event from the Left, upon releasing the mouse click.
    It behaves the same as when Selecting the Event in the Project Window.

    (And strange enough, resizing the Event from the Right won’t trigger the issue… :exploding_head:)

Added to the issues list, number 51.

Still present with 12.0.40.