Lower Zone Editor Definition tab resets the waveform Vertical Zoom level when selecting Events


There is an issue where selecting another Audio Event when the Definition tab is opened in the Lower Zone Sample Editor causes the waveform vertical zoom level to reset for every Event in the Project.

Reproduction sequence :

  • Import two individual audio clips,
  • Double-click one of the Events to open the Sample Editor,
  • Make sure the Definition tab is closed,
  • Adjust the vertical zoom level with the slider on the right,
  • Select the other Event and do the same so they have both different vertical zoom levels,
  • Note that as long as the Definition tab is closed, switching between clips does not reset the vertical zoom, and every clip in the project can have a different zoom levels.

  • Now open the Definition tab,
  • Select the other Event.
  • Or with only one Event, deselect it and select it again.

Result : The vertical zoom level in the Editor gets reset for every single clip in the project.

The expected behavior is that the vertical zoom level doesn’t get reset.

Selecting Events while the Definition tab is active always displays a yellow pop-up saying the Zoom Mode has been changed, even when the Zoom mode is already set to Clip-Based Zoom.
I’m saying that because apparently, the only Zoom Mode allowed when the Definition tab is opened is the Clip-Based Zoom, as when other Zoom Modes are selected, clicking another event will always reset it to Clip-Based Zoom.
But, why does it keep trying to change the zoom mode when the right one is already selected ?
I don’t understand why it would show a “Zoom Mode has been changed” message even when it is all set already.
Maybe this is what triggers the vertical zoom reset ? I won’t be surprised if this is the case.

vertical zoom reset

Important (additional bug) :
The above issue only occurs with the Definition tab, and only in the Lower Zone Editor.
The other tabs don’t trigger the issue, but, if multiple tabs are opened, it will occur if the Definition tab is opened at the same time.
Also, when all of the 6 tabs are opened and we trigger the issue, only the Definition and Hitpoints tabs will remain opened, and the 4 others will get closed.
The closing tabs issue has to be fixed along with the vertical zoom reset issue.
A new topic has been created for this issue :
Lower Zone Editor Tabs get closed when doing specific actions

vertical zoom reset 2

Issues list, number 44

Still present with 12.0.40. The vertical zoom still gets reset for the entire project.