MACRO - Opening/Closing all plug in windows

So closing all open plug in windows is available and runs fine
is not exposed as a target for eg midi control surface /generic remote

To seamlessly manage a strip of plugins as a channel strip and maintain the good traits of a console, this should be intrinsic. In fact to extend this to a really great solution, the snapshot of the plugin GUI in a single wrapper window would be even better, with a single button to manage it.
ie if a wrapper window has been saved, then use that instead of floating windows. This way the repetitive use of modules becomes all the much easier and faster as the user becomes familiar ie just like a normal console

My issue is, I cannot find the “open all plug in GUI on selected track” (or equivalent in composite commands) in the commands. eg Alt clicking opens all plugins on a track to their last save position…brilliant and a nice way to create a pseudo channel strip when you DONT use the onboard channel strip.

  1. So how can this be accomplished?

  2. Even using a generic remote does not expose this very important command

  3. Additionally how can you make a macro toggle a state? ie open close

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^ no one?

I don’t think it’s possible currently. There is a feature request for this feature:

The next best(?) thing we can do is leave all plugin windows open, and then use show/hide all plugin windows.

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Thanks for the reply
Not sure how that would work. I have all the plugins arrange on a 3rd screen in channel strip style some only have 1 or 2 but some might have 6 or more…for each channel…if show all was on, I dont think there is any way to order them?

Not really, not as far as I know.

Since this feature actually exists in Cubase (alt shift e ?), I think this a good case for the missing key command thread, I hope the guys at steinberg are taking a look now and then.

You can add it, and hopefully it will get added in the future.

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Cheers. As in my other post…cant even autohotkey it

The closest I’ve got is using Touch Portal along with Bome MIDI translator.

Touch portal page is 16x3 buttons for each insert - Bypass, On, Edit.
Each button when pressed sends a keypress (e.g. Ctrl Alt Shift F2), that Bome turns into a midi message, which is then received by the Generic Remote in Cubase that executes the relative actions. (Bypass, Activate/Deactivate, Edit).

Not pretty, not fluid, eats up lots of assignable keystrokes. I’m waiting for an official implementation of “Open/Close All” by keycommand.

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Spent days programming Bome with Steve…in the end I got it done in Python direct into the remote script for Live but Cubase is a closed shop it would seem
Would be cheaper to just buy bx amek 9099 and do away with 80% of my other plugins

Ok This is getting really weird

IF I use Edit/Channel settings as a keyboard shortcut, it opens all plugin windows…YAY!!!
Right click on a selected channel and it opens only the native strip/settings window and not the plugs?
Alt Shift opens all???
BUT ONLY if the mixer window is selected