Make Folder Tracks Static Size

Folders just sort of take up screen room and don’t need to be any bigger than the few buttons they have. Maybe two different static size options and then a free-size option that follows track size.

This would be good. Maybe take the idea even further and add options to add default sizes for different types of track overall.

Yes, optional default limits on each track size. For instance, you may not need MIDI, Marker Tracks, Temp Track, etc, etc, to all be resizing to max with your audio tracks - it’s really almost always only your audio tracks you do this with wanting to go to the max width, but the other tracks don’t need to follow/be the same as what you are zooming in to complete audio tasks.

You will be able to fit more audio tracks onto your screen at all times this way.

Lock size for selected tracks.

Ding, ding, we have a winner!

While you can’t explicitly do this, alt+drag to resize an unselected track will change its size independent of the other tracks & it will stay that way so it is kinda locked.

Does this exist? or are you suggesting it? But yes, thought of this as well, and would be useful. Still would be nice to have default size limits for each track type though to avoid having to do this over and over.

Interesting, good to know as a workaround for in the moment resizing needs.

Oh, guys, sorry, it’s my suggestion.

All good, and here’s to a bump.

Simple feature request, easy to code, results in more tracks in view per screen size.