MediaBay not showing all files

Hi everyone,
I know there was another topic about this subject but as it a bit old I supposed to open a new one.
Long story short: MediaBay doesn’t show audio files on an external hd even if I try to refresh; my hypothesis are:

  1. can it depend on the fact that external hd is formatted Mac OS journaled and I’m working on a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro that’s formatted APFS?
  2. can it depend on the fact that external hd is plugged into an hub (Cal Digit Element)?

I tried it in Cubase 12 - same hard disk same settings - and everything works fine so could it be a C13pro bug?

Hi again,
while still hoping someone will help I did my tries:

  • deleted mediabay preferences: mediabay was now completely empty no file browser too!
  • reinstalled mediabay with the separate installer provided by Steinberg: no changes
  • changed mediabay pref file with an older one (yesterday morning) from Time Machine: no changes
  • deleted (renamed) old cubase pref whole folder and finally mediabay showed browser again but it still doesn’t read my external hd (C11 and C12 both do…)

Does anyone have the same problem?

Thank you,

It looks like this thread has to be a sort of monologue but I still someone can read and have an idea (while waiting for Steinberg support to answer…).

Today I plugged an external usb key (FAT-32…) and MediaBay immediately read it; I don’t know what else could I try with my problematic disk (apart from changing it… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

Have you tried to delete the Mediabay Database file.
It catalogs the history of all your scanned files.
Delete it and experiment again.

HI @oldskoolproductions, sorry for my delay, I was away a few days… I’ll try it as soon as I can, thank you for answering!

HI @oldskoolproductions,
do you mean to do what suggested in this post?
It seemed to work but MediaBay scans only a folder (with subfolder) then stops… Better than before but not even really good…

Here are some thoughts…

I deleted my Mediabay database file last weekend.
I had Individually scanned each Sub-folder using the “Deep Scan” Option.
Mediabay slightly had a better response time each instance I randomly chose a folder to open… About 5 Seconds. Not Horrible for several 1000 files in a folder.

I also determinized that If your Mediabay Database file is larger then 2.5 gigabytes. Then your performance will completely hit a wall.

I did run a test to see if the GPU had any effect on Mediabay.
I removed my dual monitor setup (1 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort).
I replaced them with one 4K TV using HDMI only
Mediabay response time has been better…
I wont know for sure until I switch it back.

I hope this helps

I don’t know if Cubase Mediabay was set up to properly handle files that nested in several subfolders. You would expect the Mediabay to keep a snapshot of all the files based off the initial scan of the folder. Which then should just populate the list instantaneously. Considering that the file is Mediabay database file is local to your computer.

I have this uncomfortable feeling that when the Mediabay accesses the database file, it is looking through the whole file to find that information… instead pointing to a specific location on the file.

Do you know what I mean…
Like walking through all the entire shopping mall looking for the food court instead of looking at map of all store locations at the kiosk…

In my case when scanning starts it’s really very fast so I can’t complain about it; but I remember the older version started scanning and did it with all the folders, now it stops after a while. I’ve scanned quite everything anyway, external hd included.
Let me know about your tests, if you don’t mind, it’s a question I didn’t considered…
Thank you for sharing your experience and helping!

I understand! I tried to create a database after scanning but I received this message…
Screenshot 2024-04-19 alle 23.53.59

Let’s hope Steinberg will fix all these issues!