microtonal problem

Hello all.

(but the problem now seems to be the same in Dorico1)
After creating an atonal key signature, choosing Equal temperament (24-EDO) and choosing a microtonal accidental, i click the note, and the system imidiately returns to (12-EDO) without adding the accidental. Same thing hapens, if I try to create the accidental during input.

Am I doing something wrong?

Best greetings
Per Dybro

You must be doing something not quite right. Try this:

  1. Start a new project, and add a player holding an instrument.
  2. In Write mode, select the first rest in the instrument’s staff.
  3. In the Key Signatures panel on the right-hand side, choose 24-EDO from the tonality system drop-down.
  4. Type Shift+K, and in the popover type “atonal”, then hit Return.

Now you should have the score set up properly for 24-EDO input and editing.

That works, so that´s the workaround anyway:-) Thank you!

No, it’s not a workaround, it’s the way it’s designed to work! :slight_smile:


I had discovered how to activate the EDO24 Tonality System in the manual, and did exactly as Daniel is saying.

However, after the EDO24 system has been correctly selected, it returns to EDO12 as soon as I touch any not following the Key Signature change.

Is there another step to complete, to make the EDO24 system stick?


Add Key Signature and Tonality System:
Touch anywhere to delelect everything:
Select any note, and the EDO12 system is recalled:

Still on the Key Signature: I first entered ‘Atonal’, then ‘atonal’, but the Key Signature remained ‘C Major’.

Then, I entered ‘open’, and the ‘Atonal’ Key Signature appeared.


I’m adding the Dorico project to a new post, since it seems the system is not liking I add it to the existing message.
edo24-test.dorico.zip (259 KB)

You have to do the tonality before you do the key signature, just as Daniel instructed. Could this be where you’re going wrong?

I’ve just done it in a new project, and I’ve just done it in the project you attached.

  1. Select music.
  2. Set tonality to 24 EDO.
  3. Type Shift-K (there’s no need to deselect or reselect anything before you do this).
  4. Type atonal.
  5. Hit return.
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Pianoleo, I deleted the Key Signature I had entered, and followed your instructions. It worked, this time (and ‘atonal’ was recognized).

I’ve no idea of what was wrong in the first set of tries. Maybe the sequence of actions has to be precisely respected. However, it seems the manual leaves a bit more freedom:

  1. In Write mode, select the key signature at the position from which you want to change the tonality system.
  2. In the Key Signatures, Tonality Systems, and Accidentals panel, select the tonality system you want from the menu in the Tonality System section.

This doesn’t appear to work, and the Key Signature has to be entered again with the new Tonality System.


I’ve just downloaded Dorico 2.1.10 for trial.
I’m following these exact instructions but Dorico crashes!
What’s wrong?



I’m very sorry, Markus, but there is a bug that affects Dorico 2.1.10 when creating a new project with the 24-EDO tonality system. Take the file in the attached zip file, and unzip it: it will be called userlibrary.xml. Take this file and put it in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 (Mac) or %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 (Windows), and restart Dorico. Things should then work as expected!
userlibrary.xml.zip (3.81 KB)

Daniel hi,

Could I just get a bit of clarification on that last point - when you say ‘creating a new project’, does that mean the bug only causes problems if a 24-EDO tonality system is created as the first key signature? I’m using 24-EDO at points within my current score, but it begins with 12-EDO (and actually I shift between them for convenience). It seems to be working fine for me (I’m on 2.1.10). I’m just wondering whether it’s worth me doing this as well, or not? I have a rule with software never to do anything not 100% necessary.


If you can create a key signature in your existing project when using the 24-EDO tonality system, then all is well.

I also had this same problem in Dorico and it also took several tries of typing in the atonal key signature before it worked (not sure what I was doing wrong but deleting the all music and starting from scratch and then following the steps above worked).

Would be very helpful if the steps above could be added here: Inputting microtonal accidentals

I am having the exact same problem. I’ve followed the steps, starting with new projects numerous times, and every time I select a 24-EDO accidental it reverts back to 12-EDO. My atonal key signature seems to be accepted as it displays “Atonal”. I’ve also made sure to select 24-EDO before making the atonal key signature. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Is the same bug present in 2.2 as was in 2.1?

I’m using on OSX 10.13.6

Thank you.

It works here on (which I’m guessing is what you meant when you said - that’s the VST Audio Engine version) on macOS 10.14.3.
And no, the bug has been successfully fixed.
Can you explain EXACTLY what order you’re doing things?

Sure. I made a screen capture of exactly what I’m doing here: Dropbox - File Deleted
I figured that’s easier than typing it all out.
Am I doing something wrong?


You are doing the right things but in the wrong order.

When you start a new project and add a player, the project starts in 12-EDO. You changed the selection box to 24-EDO, and then selected the rest in the score. But the rest is already in 12-EDO so it changed the selection box back to 12-EDO, and you created a 12-EDO atonal key signature.

You want a 24-EDO key signature, so:

Select the rest
Then select 24-EDO in the right hand panel
Then type shift-K and “atonal”.

Now, the notes you create after the key signature will be in 24-EDO, and you can add quarter tone accidentals.

Ah-ha! That worked.
Thank you so much!