MIDI Insert slot shows no loaded MIDI-plugin

I think you have a graphics resolution problem are you using HiDpi in the preferences ?

The drum map is the last thing you want to load , you need Ga , the kit , then the plugin and lastly the drum map

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ah so it has to be loaded in a specific order? I load the drum map right after loading the GA SE5.

" If something needs to be loaded in a certain order ,then that doesn’t make any sense " . … You certainly don’t make any sense … im out .

I am just reporting a bug for Cubase development team, I know, how to work around it. but the UI should not get into a state that it can not recover from. do you agree?

better video…

Then open a support ticket, or if you want to try to report it here, do it like this:

Screenrecordings and screenshots

I know how to do screen shots thanks but can i be bothered to spend time transferring photos from my Daw ? not really , nothing wrong with a camera

I’m sorry, it was a reply to your post by accident.

My apologies for being rude

I can confirm the bug.

If the first MIDI plugin added after the selection of the drum map is Beat Designer, the slot shows the behavior described above.

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  1. add instrument track with Groove Agent One SE.
  2. select a drum map
  3. add Beat Designer MIDI-plugin to the first MIDI-plugin-slot
  4. the slot shows no loaded MIDI-plugin

hi Steve,
the steps and tags are in place on top for steinberg dev team, to look at. I still love Cubase, it’s still the best DAW for the money. I only report these bug so it can be improved.

Thanks for replicating, and validating the issue,… so guys you can see this is not a graphics driver issue but an actual bug.

Amad, It’s appreciated when users post bug reports, please follow the format next time. I edited the title, and the OP for clarity.

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I can top this by saying: All 4 slots show no plugin name.

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Lol I was about to post a few bugs but you preceded me.

Indeed when a Drum Map is loaded the MIDI Inserts are glitching out.
No need for an extensive repro sequence here, it is very simple.

The main symptom is that when you attempt to load or remove an insert, the name field becomes empty but the effect is still active. Additionally, when selecting another effect, the name of the previous one remains displayed, if there was any (if you first selected an effect before enabling Drum Map).

Furthermore, when the insert slot is in the glitched state (blank name), even after disabling the Drum Map, you still cannot remove it unless you first choose another effect to “unglitch” it.

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Actually, on my system the name of the midi insert plugin never shows as soon as I have a drum map active on that track.
Happens with Instrument but also with MIDI track.

  1. Create MIDI Track
  2. Assign drum map “GM Map”
  3. load MIDI Insert plugin

No need for GA, or any particular order.


Confirmed here as well. The MIDI insert plugin name is not displayed, nor can it be removed with “No effect”.

C12.0.52 on Win10 22H2


Thanks for validating.