Midi Quantize selection button locked

hi i just changed and slowed down my tempo in one section to make it easier to track my live drums to midi. but now ive gone to my midi and the button to select the beat division is now locked. meaning i cant click on any options. which means i cant choose the beat vision to move around my midi. anyone know how to unfreeze this?

You already started a thread about this. Stop polluting the forum please…

its a new problem and please help me i cant do anything. my workflow has come to a hault.

Sorry, can’t help you since I don’t use these functions very much. What I meant with referring to the other thread, is that there’s more background info about the problem, so you’re more likely to get relevant replies. Good luck.

id prefer help and information rather than opinion.

as you can see in the picture the slelction tool is greyed out and just says grid how do i get the selections of the beat divisions?
whats wrong.jpg

LaoTzu… Are you serious??? You have opened up three threads now about problems that could be all solved in one…
You’re a spoiler. And when you need a quick support, call the hotline. This is a USER forum…

This is an unacceptable behaviour an if I was site admin I’d cut you out!

help please!

Set your ruler to Bars+Beats instead of Seconds or Timecode.

And have a good read of the manual and get thoroughly used to the program and you’ll be able to solve many of these minor problems yourself. It will take time but it’s better than the flak you’re getting at the moment.
You can’t learn Cubase through the forum as it’s far too complex for that.

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LaoTzu stop to open new posts with the same content.

This is a user to user forum and all the guys in this thread are right, if they are annoyed.

Maybe this thread can help you:


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Well, since you ask… My opinion is that this is a user forum that may or may not help you, irrespective of what you prefer, and I think you pollute the forum by opening up new threads about the same issue. Oh, wait, I said that already. Hold on, let me start a new thread. :unamused:

But we will give a dog a bone and let him dig a few holes in the garden before totally flaming him off the sofa. :mrgreen: He might just settle down.