MIDI Remote: 14 bit NRPN is dead after update?

I get a strange error since updating to 12.0.52 for 14 bit NRPN controls (and 14 bit CC) - I never had this prior to update (everything worked perfectly).

After update my controller script is now just sitting there with “orange knobs” saying they clash (“already exist”), even though they have a distinct / different NRPN identifiers… in fact, they all map perfectly using the automatic MIDI learn… twist one after the other and they all appear, but as soon as there’s more than 1 controller, they turn orange. Seems to be a bug. Restarts for all apps and reboots etc. don’t fix the issue.

Other notes -

  1. The only way I can get them to not be orange is to give them all a unique CHANNEL… Kind of defeats the purpose of a 14bit NRPN though…

  2. I’m monitoring in BOME and confirm:
    I send e.g. from controller
    B0 63 20
    B0 62 01
    B0 06 VV
    B0 26 vv

(VV= DATA MSB 0-127; vv=DATA LSB 0-127)

If I assign that controller it and resend back to hardware, I get the SAME message… so the basic recieve at cubase is correct… i.e. it’s not a jumbled message - it’s recieved and sent perfectly. This applies for multiple knobs… they all recieve and send correctly to and from cubase/controller unit.

EDIT: but… even though I can trick it to map multiple knobs, they DO jumble the internal messages… the controls now sort of bounce around, where as they used to be smooth (of course)… so I fee the internal code in cubase is doing something odd…

My guess is that although they are correctly sending and recieving 14bit NRPN MSB/LSB and data MSB/LSB, the internal cubase code thinks they are 7 bit knobs and it’s freaking out beacuse the message is identical across all knobs (e.g. the NRPN MSB is the same for all)… or something like that…

Again, just to be clear, it worked perfectly prior to update, so I don’t feel like I’ve done anything too whacky at my end to mess it up… It also still happens if I create a new two knob control surface in the editor, so it’s not because I’m using an old controller script.

I must have done something odd when I first searched, as I didn’t see various other posts on this…


I tried the “add control manually” as that thread suggest, and it’s still not solved; but it helps confirm it’s not something I did!..

This is a pretty major backward step (for me) from the version I was using before - any news on a possible fix and timing would be great…

Final update (sorry for the regular bump-fest)…

Ok - so I rolled back to 12.0.40… No orange alert; but the controllers are all jumpy and messed up (I suspect the issue started here, and that they added the warning in 12.0.50+)

Rolled further back to 12.0.30… Perfect again - smooth as silk, super accurate and lovely NRPN 14bit control. A joy to use.

Guess I’ll stick with 12.0.30 for now… a massive shame, as the new additions to the 12.0.52 functions browser were very VERY much what I was hoping to find… I just can’t use them haha… I also hope I haven’t missed any sub-update in the 12.0.3X that fixes sometyhing important to me…

Had to add this ticket to my ‘watch’ list hehe.

I haven’t made panels for my Rev 2 or Bass Station 2 yet because I couldn’t figure out how to make controls with the NRPN or dual CC values heh. I’ll have to dig through here and try some stuff out and see if I can get these going after work tonight…

I have put up my own post re the same bug in Cubase 13. NRPN Cubase 13.0.20

For what it’s worth, I could get the functionality working in 12.0.70.


The Cubase 13.0.40 update is supposed to fix this issue.