Midi remote with Nakedboards MC-8 in Cubase 12

I use Nakeboards M-C8 faders to control expression modulation etc. Cubase 12 Midi remote does not “see” this midi controller, and therefore does not recognise a moving fader, It works fine in Cubase 12, but I would like to set it up with Midi remote. Has anyone tried and succeeded?

Are you saying you want to use the midi remote to send CCs to midi/instrument tracks?

Yes, that is exactly what I want to do.

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Sending CCs to a midi track isn’t what the remote is meant for, a remote controller doesn’t send midi CCs directly to a track.

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Thanks Steve. I expressed myself badly. What I meant was that I wanted to send controls to the instrument, or plugin, using that Midi track. For example reverb level. I can, of course already do this with my controller, but with midi remote I can switch to another layer and have eight more controls.
On a related subject is there any way to send a command to “play” C-1, C#-1 etc? Spitfire, and others use these for articulation selection, and having to put them on a track with a “pencil” is a pain in the but!

If you send controller data to the instrument while you are playing, this gets recorded on the same MIDI track as the notes, but it is not visible by default. You need to set the MIDI input to “all midi inputs”.
You still need to control the values on the instrument, not the track…