More Focus Quick Controls please


the Focus Quick Controls are are an amzing feature, i love and use them so much, it makes my workflow much more intuitive and economic and also faster.
But 8 is too less, it would be amazing if those could be expanded to 16 or even 32 in a future version of cubase

thank you

32 is very little on a channel with 16 plugins and 8 sends.
You need 16 only to cover send-level and send-pan.

All type of QC need a LOT of more controls.


You already can, the selected track parameter controls were added to 12.0.50.

It allows for more than 8 controls, and the ability to have multiple pages also:


There is a method. getNumberOfQuickControls(). It is not documented what it is supposed to represent. But it returns 8.
It obviously not right since we have 8 VSTQC, 8 FocusedQC, 8 TrackQC.

in the mapping window you cant map more than 8 yet.

i dont see how the link above to the pages setup should solve my request, lets say i have a controller surface with 16 endless rotary knobs
currently i can only map 8 of the 16 to the focus quick controls.
the remaining 8 i either have unsused or hard-link to a specfic plugin/instrumens.Ii can also use different configurations there to select between different ones, thats also nice and good, but having more focus quick controls would be even better :slight_smile:

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Within the “selected track” mappings and you can define as many hardware knobs as you like by using the “===setup===” option.

It’s not part of the focus quick controls, what these controls allow you to do is focus and move between instruments and inserts, with any number of hardware controls which also, as a bonus, are pageable.

You need to be on version 12.0.50 or above, of course.

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thank you so much for your tip

i think this is quite useful for some use cases and for some who are reading this thread, so very appreciated
but not in my case unfortunately (or at least i fail to undestand how it might be doing this)

i purely use the focus quick controls for controlling my plugin parameters for VST effects and instruments.
though i have some daw features hardmapped to the controller(s) too, like transport section, moving to the previous/next marker, turning specific plugins on/off (some plugins which are always at the same place and have a very specific use, Metric AB functions, etc)

for typcial channel duties, i already have an Avid Artist Mix via Eucon covering all work :slight_smile:

i give you some of my use cases for focus quick controls

for example,
im using different types of channel strip plugins: a ssl, a neve, an api,

i have mapped 8 plugins controls to the focus quick controls, but of course, these plugins would have way more parameters to map, if the limitation would not be just 8, especially with a channel strip plugin, but also with VST Synths, EQs, etc, you name it

and the great thing is, the focus quick controls are stored globally on the system, once i have the mapping done for a plugin, i dont need to look back, i just open the plugin, it doesnt matter in which position on the insert slots, on which channel, the focus quick control setting are in place and i can immediatly start tweaking the parameters with my hardware controller, no further mapping is required…

maybe i move the plugin from insert 2 to insert 3, no problem, the focus quick controls stays in place :slight_smile:
another use case would be virtual instruments, like synths
i could map so many parameters to my hardware controllers than just 8, and working with pages is not so handy because sometimes you may want to adjust some parameters on the same time that are located on different pages.

Lets say you have setup an EQ with 8 Bands,
you will need usually a gain, a frequency and a Q parameter, which would make in total 24 parameters you would like to map to your hardware controller, perhaps also a band bypass button which would make 32, and also you would like to have them accessable at the same time, and not browse through pages

i create a new project, the focus quick controls are already in place, no additional work is required, it works right from the start, thats just wonderful
the only complaint, only 8 focus quick controls :cry:

cheers :slight_smile:

That’s what the ===setup=== option allows you to do, you can create 8,16,20,24, 48 - whatever number of assignable parameters needed globally for that hardware controller. The paging option is a bonus not a necessity, and you don’t need to bank using the controller - again an option which is nice to have.

i.e. within the selected track > inserts > parameters tree I can set this MR control surface to have a bank of 16 parameters:

I then map to parameters 1 to 16, Then if i open EQ plugin I get this:

Or the Delay plugin it changes to this:

Those mappings are global, the main difference vs FQC is that you have to use the remote editor to assign the order of parameters vs the QC option above each plugin, once saved you don’t need to go back and adjust them.

I do get the advantages of quick controls so you don’t need to explain, I just want to make sure you’re fully understanding of the method added in 12.0.50 as it wasn’t documented too well. I also can’t see quick controls evolving from the standard 8 parameters any time soon, but this option may give you 90% of what you need.

The main downside of this new method in the MIDI Remote is that instruments and inserts are separate mapping targets. WhatI have is a MIDI Remote mapping page for instrument control, and another for inserts. But it works fantastic on large 32 rotary controllers that i’ve tried.


aaaa wow :heart_eyes:
thank you so much for your post and made sure i understand what you said
In fact, i did not fully get the potential of this feature from your previous post, so your latest post was a real eye opener to me! thank you so much
Also thanks for the tip to use the Remote Editor to map the parameters!

i think i can arrange with different mappings for instruments and plugins, so yes, this should get me quite covered!! awesome!

You can also name each parameter in the remote editor screen which I like. As many plugin parameter names are far too long to display nicely. If you’re setting up a MIDI Remote that has screen feedback, it gets even more fun of course! :slight_smile:

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Dear @skijumptoes

I need your help again, there is something odd happening and perhaps you know the solution already :slight_smile:
When i change the parameter-value from 8 to a higher count (i tried 16,24,32 and 48), the number stays , i can map all the parameter and control the plugins, that works fine
if i close the project and open another project, it still works

but if i close cubase and open it again, then the parameter-value is set back to 12,
yes 12, not 48,not 16, not 8, but 12

did you do something special that value stays at a higher count on your system?
i have tried with Cubase 12.0.50 and 12.0.52
i also did try to run Cubase as Admin, did restart my computer, but nothing solved the setback the value to 12

kind regards

after some extensive testing today, think i found the issue
it seems like cubase has an issue if parameters are not mapped to a controller

on the above case why 12?
well, because i had only mapped 12 controllers and left some parameter assigments emtpy to be controlled by a different control device (setup as a different midi remote)

here is an examle
Hardware Control Unit 1
rotary encoders 1-16 mapped to parameters 1-16

Hardware Control Unit 2
rotary encoders 1-16 mapped to parameters 17-32

after i quit cubase and restart Cubase
Hardware Control Unit 1 is fine and still have 1-16 mapped
Hardware Control Unit 2 is not OK, the parameters 17-32 moved to 1-16 hence dont work as intended anymore

example 2
Hardware Control Unit 1
1-8 mapped to QC 1-8
9-16 mapped to parameters 9-16

after restart the mapping of 9-16 is gone and mapped parameters 1-8 instead

i have a bunch of different controllers, that i would loved to have setup at different ranges of parameters, but that doesnt work at the moment because not assigned parameters will get removed and then it starts on the first parameter
So you are not able to spread out different hardware controller units into different parameter regions to happily coexist in the same environment

you could add placeholder elements to the remote control interface and assign them to those not used parameters, that does work but that also does dramatically slow down cubase and also makes the control remote interface very cluttered and not nice looking.

i have a midi foot expression pedal that i would have loved to control parameter 57 with, it means i would need to add 56 dumy elements and link those to parameter 1-56 to make that work, currently i can only savely assign this expression pedal to parameter 1-8, if i assign it to anything above 9 it will become an 1 at the next restart.

these where my findings sofar

happy new year everybody, cheers

Oh that sounds like a tricky one to achieve and potentially the issues your getting sounds like a bug to me?

Have you tried using different mapping pages in the MIDI Remote.
i.e. you could have:
Page 1 - For focus quick controls
Page 2 - Parameters 1-16
Page 3 - Parameters 17-32.

Then at any time you can switch whatever each control unit is set to.

i.e. Unit 1 could be set to mapping Page 2 and control unit 2 set to mapping Page 3 to give you a full 32 control spread. And then you could toggle either to go to quick controls if/when needed.

You can map next/prev mapping pages too, or do it on screen if it’s something you only set per session(?). Just thinking if this is some kind of bug that is caused if nothing is mapped, it could get around that?

that sounds like a good workaround, i have tried that but found that appearently every mapping page can have a different amount of parameters and the pages dont interact with each other. It seems the parameters definition is not defined per remote control but per remote control page,

So still if you have unmapped parameters in front of a region of mapped parameters they move forward after a restart :cry:

page 1 (default): total 8 parameters

page 2: total 32 parameters (1-16 unmapped)

page 2: after cubase restart: 32 became 16 parameters and mappings moved from 17-33 to 16-32

just to clarify, i initially tested what you suggested:
Page 1 - For focus quick controls
Page 2 - Parameters 1-16
Page 3 - Parameters 17-32.

but i forgot to made screenshots, the above screenshots are made from a a little bit later on a different test

this also looks like a bug to me, is this thread monitored? or what can we do to report this bug?

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Maybe @Jochen_Trappe could help shed some light on this. He’s one of the senior developers working on the MIDI Remote project and has been very active on here helping users out.

Hopefully he’ll give you a reply.


Good day sir, you seem to know your stuff so i hope you dont mind me asking you a question. Maybe i should start a new post for this but it is related to midi remote control so hopefully it ok.
Im fairly new to cubase and i have a launchkey 88 which only has 8 rotary knobs. I dont know if your familiar with this controller keyboard but the knobs, pads and faders each have 4 custom modes meaning you can set them up to send out various midi messages for each custom mode.

1st question - what cc numbers can i use that are unasigned by default (i cant find any info specific to the launchkey 88) and are cc messages channel specific so 127 cc numbers for channel 1, 127 for channel 2 and so on? The reason i ask is that there doesnt seem to be enough unnasigned cc numbers to take advantage of all 3 custom modes for knobs, pads and faders. Theres 8 knobs, 16 pads and 8 knobs so each one having 4 custom modes means a total of 128 different cc numbers required.

Question 2 - reading all of the above what would be the best way to setup 8 launckey knobs to control more than 8 paramaters in cubase, in either instruments, tracks or plugins etc? I was thinking of just using different custom modes with different cc numbers of which id need to switch between on the hardware and then assigning then to various paramaters for “Selected track” function so as i flick through tracks i can then modify say the “pre section” of mixer, or the sends, or eq etc. And then when a plugin or instrument is open i was going to use quick controls to adjust paramaters which could be a different custom mode again.
Is there a better cleaner way to set all this up?

Question 3 - can you recommend any decent multi knob midi controllers just to use for this sort of thing say like 32 knobs giving you good control of various track, instrument and plugin settings and are there any that have some kind of display so you know what your tweaking?

Apologies if this isnt acceptable to post here and i can start a new thread if required but my questions kinda seemed linked to this post.

Thanks in advance.


hey dan and welcome to the forum
yeah, perhaps this topic would be worth its own topic :wink:

but here are my thoughts: i think the main issue with the launchkey 88 controllers are that these are not endless rotary encoders, right?
in regards of your first question. i think you dont need that much unnassigned CC controllers, as soon as the CC is assigned in midi remote, it is exlusive and doesnt spill onto other channels, like your midi input channel when playing an instrument
so i think you basically can set these up as you like

and on your second question, because you are just using one unit as a controller, you can use the parameters option in the selected tracks to map your controller

in terms for recommendation, the midi figther twister is a great unit and also the faderfox ec4, both do have 16 endless rotary knobs, that have push function
on the cheaper side, the behringer x-touch mini is also great, 8 endless rotary encoders that are also push buttons, one fader and 16 knobs you can assign to, and bank a and b
unfortunately none of those are having a display :frowning:

Each channel and CC is unique, so MIDI Ch1 and CC70 would be seen different to MIDI Ch2 and CC70 in the MIDI Remote. However…

You’re maybe approaching this the wrong way, I would use only 1 custom mode and then create different mapping pages within the Cubase MIDI remote for the tasks you need. i.e. let Cubase do all the work, and it’s easier to view what you’re controlling on-screen then.

You can map buttons for next or prev mapping page, or you can swap pages using your mouse.
i.e. instead of custom modes for mixer page, eq page, quick control page, you’d have MIDI Remote pages for those items and a fixed controller assignments which change dynamically via Cubase’s control scheme.

As above the MIDI fighter twister are great controllers, robust and pack a lot of control in a compact unit. You can get many smaller controllers but they lack the quality of something like that.

You can get display feedback on your Launchkey via the API, but it would only show you what parameter is being controlled as you’re changing the control due to the screensize. , You’d be looking at something based on MCU, like the Behringer x-touch universal if you want to see parameters available.

But there are custom controllers out there which have embedded screens too. But they get pricey, I saw one over the REAPER forum once:

Nice bit of kit, in fact it’d probably work great with the Cubase MIDI Remote if someone spent the hours developing it via the API… But $1000… Nah! :slight_smile:

Komplete Kontrol (S49/S61/S88 Mk2) keyboards have a large display but only 8 rotaries, i’ve got screen feedback running on those before with different mapping pages, but I need to redo the script as it’s pretty buggy, and user can’t add new mapping pages themselves… Example here:

I’d keep things simple right now, personally. It’s a hell of a rabbits hole to fall down once you start lusting at gear thinking it’s going to improve what you do - most of the time, it doesn’t… It just leads to procrastination.

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That has been a design decision on “bankable” host objects/values. Like mixer bank channels, parameter banks etc.
But I agree that it feels strange when those unmapped targets disappear.

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