Mouse causing ASIO performance spikes

Hi there,

just wondered if anyone could help me with this please?

I’ve just had a major upgrade with my pc & this one little problem is really annoying. :angry:

In the project window when a project is playing if I click the mouse anywhere in that window or move it back & forth in any direction this causes the peak performance meter to spike up with each click or movement up & down etc. I have an Nvidia gtx 260 at the moment & i can’t find anything in the control panel to adjust for the mouse. I’ve tried inverting the mouse pointer but that hasn’t worked, I’ve changed to a usb2 port of its own instead of the hub it was in & that has done nothing. I’ve tried older drivers for the Graphics that are still Windows 7 compatible with no success!

It also spikes when I click on certain plugins or click sometimes on the virtual keyboard in the midi editor :cry:

I am thinking of getting a new graphics card & a new mouse (My logitech MX510 is quite old now)

Anyone had this problem or know how to fix it please? Would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Codsworth

Cubase 8 Pro
Windows 7 64bit
Asus z97 pro wifi
Intel i7 4790K
Corsair 2x8 gb Vengeance pro 2400mhz
Echo Layla 3G with PCI to PCIE x1 converter card

This issue first raised it’s head when east West Play 3 was released and caused huge Asio spikes on mouse movement due to a conflict in graphic drivers. The issue was somewhat elevated for many by rolling back to earlier drivers as well as rolling back to earlier version of the Play engine though it all seems to have been resolved in C8.

It can also be caused by asio guard and asio driver set to high, rolling back a few ms might help.

If you don’t use play, it might be down to another rouge VI. If you do use play, there"s a guy from East West forum active in the Cubase SB forum, you’d probably get a faster response there than posting to the EW forums.

Keep posting until it’s resolved in case other people hit the same problem again, good luck with it!

Thank you Outsounder :slight_smile:

You did a good first check imo but it didn’t help, and actually what you are talking is quit a bit of spiking.

What i did not read that you have tried is:

  • remove all nvidea software and let windows install the driver
  • if that doesn’t solve things: remove the video card and change your graphics to the intel 4600 that is included with your type of processor
  • if that doesn’t help, buy a new mouse first.

What i wonder is that you say that this spiking is present when a project is running. Does this mean that you have no spikes when the project is idle and you hover around with your mouse ? If so: that is something to take in to account. Because if so, that could indicate it may not be graphics related at all.
Also good to now is: what did you change on your hardware.

hope you find the culprit quick!
kind regards,

You are not alone and it has nothing to do with NVIDIA drivers. Its all about INTEL USB controller that come with the ASUS motherboards and other brands.
I get the same issues when inserting a normal USB memory stick. Other hardware’s like controllers, hardware controllers and other USB devices like mouse, keyboard etc work fine on my setup but not if I insert a normal USB memory stick in the computer. Microsoft say its a Windows 7 issue but I don’t know? It might happens on Windows 8.1 too? So others, please confirm.

You can read all about it here.

Best regards

Is it a Logitech mouse? if so have you installed the Logitech drivers? if yes, uninstall them and use the generic Microsoft drivers. Logitech mouse drivers have given problems to many DAW’s


funny i have been having problems with cubase & my mouse & keyboard losing connection with my full computer.

only happens with cubase 8 i have to do a hard restart everytime. so odd. I wonder what it is.

Please confirm here! :wink:

Thank you all for the replies.

Freddie, i don’t have windows 8 so can’t give you any confirmation but thanks.

Roel- it does still spike when the project is not running & I click or move the mouse quickly up & down but the system is not under so much strain then.

I’ve ordered a new Logitech mouse & a geforce GTX 750 ti graphics card so as soon as i’ve got it all installed i’ll let you know what happens. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Codsworth

ok. Good luck. But take a good look at freddie’s comments too. He did not say this was only viable for windows 8, but that it is a potential problem for many people, and probably also for win8. That guy is a professional workstation builder, and one of the best informed people on the forum. Check if you have a usb-stick attached somewhere and if removing it helps.

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P.s Also if certain plugins are installed ie. RP Subboombass NI Kontakt.

With both it really exaggerates this spiking if I have selected the RP SBB midi channel, then clicking anywhere in the project window sends a huge spike with each mouse click. Also changing the RP SBB presets, each click sends it soaring up the performance meter. If I then select an Audio track it calms down alot. I also have HOFA analyzer v2 & if the new Freq Correlator is on it also makes huge spikes very strange.
I’m going to install the 32bit version of SBB & see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Cods

Thank you Roel.
No it was just that Freddie asked for confirmation from someone about Windows 8 & I couldn’t help him.

I have read all the replies properly & will check the USB stick things. I have the Steinberg & pace dongles among other bits so i’ll try & then report back, thank you :slight_smile:

Yes it definitely does it much much more when RP SBB & Kontakt is open & i’ve selected their midi channel, very very strange! :frowning:

That could on the other hand indeed be an indication that there is an interference with the grapics on the asio stream. It’s more or less the same as what happened with play a while ago.

Did you try the switch to the intel graphics ?
That is just to notice if another graphics card reproduces the same behaviour or not.
If it is not the case, the it’s quite Obvious that there is trouble with the NVIDEA card.
If it is the case, then we’re talking possibly something different.

But in any case: it looks like it is some hardware that is letting your system to go berzerk, and then espescially it’s interference with the asio driver.

So maybe fwiw: what was changed in the system. MOBO, processor, harddrives or everything at the same time ?

kind regards,

Cheeers Roel. new MB, CPU, SSD, RAM blue ray recorder/player

I have the same kind of thing going on.

I reckon it’s bridged legacy PCI cards, seems to be the common thread. It’s only Cubase that does this though, at least on my system. Ableton is glassy smooth no matter what I do with the GUI.

maybe stupid, but nonetheless… is the power supply up to what is needed ?
main reason for the question: you are prematurely running out of juice, so this can be something on the list to check.

kind regards,

Actually that’s something I can certainly swap out. I have a 350w RMS PSU currently (no graphics card) but I can certainly try the 650W in the older computer I’ve relegated to server duties.

It ain’t half loud though…

Cheers Roel, I have an 850w psu :slight_smile:

Hi there, can anyone please tell me, which is more compatible with Cubase 8 pro or any Cubase version on Windows 7 64bit, AMD RADEON or NVIDIA GEFORCE?

I haven’t had any problems with Nvidia until now.

Cheers, Codsworth