Moving licence to new computer

Can anyone point me to instructions for “delicensing” my old computer and licensing my new one? I don’t have a dongle, and would rather stick pins in my eyes than use one.

I can’t see anything in the eLicence Control Centre.

(I have searched, but not really found anything cogent.) Thanks.

Additionally, is it possible and permissible to transfer the license back and forth between 2 machines?

For me, as well. I have a new computer (still in the box), and have backed up my current system with Time Machine. Is there someplace whee we can read directions on how to de-register the old system, and enable the new one?

Thanks in advance.


You can only transfer the license between 2 machines, if you have and use the Dongle (USB e-Licenser). This is being discussed/looked at by Steinberg (as stated numerous times and numerous places in the forum). Don’t expect anything soon. But maybe one day.


The process of moving Dorico from one computer to another using the Soft-eLicenser is described here:

You don’t have to use a USB-eLicenser unless you want to run Dorico on more than one computer: if you are simply moving Dorico from one computer to another one, then you can use the ‘Reactivation’ workflow, whereby you provide your original activation code and you are given a new activation code that you can use to activate Dorico on your new computer.

Thanks, Robby.

Thanks, Daniel

It was a bit convoluted with various errors cropping up, but I got there in the end.

I could move my licence to my new MacBook Pro and everything works fine. But the Dorico symbol doesn’t appear in the Dock.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-29 um 21.54.50.jpg


Thanks - seems pretty straightforward. I assume I can install Dorico using Time Machine, as opposed to downloading it, yes?

I’ll give a shout if it can’t get sorted out, but I expect it will go smoothly.

You might find that removing the icon from the Dock helps, or logging out and back in again.

No, this didn’t help.

Does the Dorico application icon appear correctly in the Applications folder? If not, then you should consider reinstalling.

The icon in Applications folder appears correctly and Dorico works without problems.

In that case it suggests some kind of problem with your Dock data, and it’s not something we can sort out directly. Force quitting the Finder, restarting your computer, removing the icon from the Dock and adding it again – I would expect one or other of those strategies to work.

Thank you for your answer. I tried all this strategies, but nothing worked. But it is not a problem for me, because Dorico is working as expected. The only reason to tell about the problem here is, that I thought that problem could be a hint of a bug.

As Daniel suggests, Dorico doesn’t have anything to do with your Dock. It’s most likely that you’ve got a corrupt Dock plist file, or some other issue local to your Mac.
If the icon doesn’t even appear when the app is launched, that’s very strange. Do other apps appear in the Dock as expected? (i.e. apps that are not permanently held in the Dock, do they appear when launched?)

Yes, it is strange. All other apps appear as expected.

I’m sorry if this is posted, but I can’t find it.

After buying the straight download version, can one later switch to the dongle so as to go back and forth between two computers? And does one have to have access to both computers to institute it?

I bought Dorico thinking I would only be using it on my desktop Mac, so I didn’t get a dongle. However, I now have a new Mac laptop that I need to use for traveling. And to further complicate things, I’m leaving on a trip this week and would like to have the dongle sent to me on the road so I can begin using the laptop. However, I obviously will want to be able to use the desktop when I get back.

Will all of that work?


I believe the answer is yes to your questions… but in your situation, it might be best to move the soft e-license to your new MacBook, then order the USB e-licenser. You will be able to use Dorico on the road with your new MacBook without any problems. When the USB e-licenser arrives at your residence and you are back home, transfer your soft e-licenser to the USB e-licenser. Then you’ll be able to use Dorico on both machines.

Be forewarned - I believe that once you move to the USB e-licenser… there is no going back to the soft e-license.

I’m sure there is information on how to do all of this somewhere.


Hi Maximilian,
I have also recently migrated to a new MacBook Pro (MBP) and I gave my 2015 MBP to my son. So I did two migrations (one for my MBP, one for my son’s MBP). After migration, both MBPs work but had some strange problems that kept persisting, e.g. the Preview on my new MBP somehow distorts my ‘draw’ annotation, and on my son’s MBP, it can’t play some video files. In the end, I used the OnyX (for High Sierra) to delete both System and User caches, and the problems were solved. Perhaps you can give this OnyX (by Titanium Software, just google it) a try to see if it can clear your Dock icon problem.