Multiple MIDI Channels - One Track

It would be great if Steinberg came up with some better ways to manage multiple MIDI channels on one track.

For example, there is no way to record the same CC# for both MIDI Ch1 and MIDI Ch2 - they cancel each other out/overwrite.

I think to tackle this, likely they’d want to start by revamping MIDI CC Lanes, and the CC Lane selector menu becoming a proper window with more advanced management organized into MIDI Channels, or the ability to create additional CC lanes with different MIDI Ch. Some sort of manager window.

Secondly, I would like an easy function to break a track/event containing multiple MIDI Channels into separate Lanes and or new MIDI tracks organized by MIDI Channel. ie, if you have a part that contains notes that have MIDI CH1, 2, 3,15… then it would create 4 new tracks/lanes and name the parts/tracks by Original Track Name+MIDI Ch#. <-the LE can do this, but not all in one go. ie, MIDI Channels to Lanes, and MIDI Channels to Tracks

Yikes, did any of this make sense?



MIDI > Dissolve Parts > By Channel. Done.

You can do so, if your MIDI Controller sends the MIDI data at both MIDI Channels at once.

Thanks again for taking the time with all my posts.

As stated, I already do, pretty much all of your suggestions.

I just feel like, this could be done better and organized all into one track so that both workflow are available instead of forcing users to expand track counts and working on one subject across multiple tracks. Just the fact one track can’t record multiple of the same CC, imo, is a bit odd and outdated.


Cubase can do so. Just send the same MIDI CC at multiple MIDI Channels (the destination MIDI Channel) from your MIDI Controller.

Sorry, yes I know this, I’m currently doing this. I just think we should be able to record and manage this stuff all within one channel if need be.