Select MIDI Channel for Next Inputed Notes (Like Input Velocity, Input Length, etc)

Hi, maybe I am missing a trick someone, please tell me if I am.

From what I understand, if a MIDI tracks output channel is set to ‘Any’, when notation is manually drawn in the editor it assigns MIDI Channel 1 as the notes MIDI channel. If you want it so a specific channel is used when inputting notes, then you would for example, set the MIDI Track Output Channel as 10… All future notes will be MIDI Channel 10.

The issue is, I want the MIDI Track to be outputting notes of which different notes have different MIDI Channels, so, the tracks output needs to be set to ‘Any’. The problem there is, now every time I input a note, it is channel 1… when I want it to be Channel 10, and then from there I am changing the odd note to Channel 11, 12, or 13 for different variation sound.

Is there no MIDI Channel Note Input selector, like the Velocity and Length Input options?

Sort of seems like a workflow problem for anyone doing multi-MIDI-channel composition from one track/part


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No, there is not.

What I read from your posts, I would say your workflow would be much easier, if you would use dedicated tracks per MIDI Channel (what most of us also do).

I appreciate the suggestion, but if you knew what I was doing, how, and why, you would understand better. And I already have very time efficient workarounds and have my workflow dialed within the current Cubase paradigm. But I think my batch of MIDI suggestion threads would increase efficiency tenfold beyond what I can accomplish, some of which already is what you’ve kindly suggested.


Maybe it would help, if you would share your workflow and use case.

So, composition/track production scenario, I have some Trumpet samples loaded into Groove Agent chromatically pitched, some of the hits are uneven though, so I copy/paste the kit to the other 3 GA slots, and make variations of the original kit, one kit is more of a muted sound, etc, etc.By default I have GA setup so that Kit 1 is MIDI CH10, Kit 2 is MIDI CH11, and so on. I already have a core MIDI performance recording of the Trumpet using the original Kit 1, now it’s just a matter of either a.) changing already recorded notes to CH11 (Kit2), 12(Kit3), or 13(Kit4), or b.) penciling in new notes/changes/additions, or, c.) punching in corrections/new parts.

Realistically, it’s all three of those. And it would just be easier to do it all within one track/part.

Essentially, we just need to bring some of the background MIDI topology of Cubase forward into the GUI and allow the user to make some changes.