Multitrack Free Warp

An old post about a problem, cubase has since years:

And I can not find it in C10…!!!
Just cosmetic topics…1 year to ponder the question of dark or darker…?

You can pull 2 tracks into the sample editor and you can switch the viewing from one to the other or to both (nice).
And you have a button in the toolbar of the sample editor that proposes to edit just the activated track.
But I see no function…press it or not…you always can edit only one track…
Do I miss something? I can not believe it…:frowning:
Please say me that I missed something…
I will not expect this feature in C11,C12,C13,… anymore…

My annual +1 to the request for Multi-track free warp

Why so long guys?





As incredible as it would be to have this, we all know it would break 10 other features. I don’t know why I still get my hopes up about Steinberg.

+1 !



It’s quite hard to believe that a DAW that claims to be top of the game in 2018 is lacking such a basic feature like this.
Basically anyone working with multitracked drums has to turn to any of the other DAWs for drum editing (or serious production stuff).

Steinberg, time to step up and at least address the lack of this feature. Really. I mean, really.

Been Cubase user for 20 years now but am seriously thinking of jumping the ship for this.



It’s a must!!!

Some features should be standard in all daws and that’s one of them

Multitrack free warp is a long-awaited feature for me as well. I’ll be over the moon when it’s added (Cubase 10.5, I hope).

If you haven’t seen it yet, Matthias posted a few days ago (on the General forum) that multitrack free warp is definitely on Steinberg’s development list. This is the first time I’ve seen that confirmed, so optimistic news. Posted again for posterity below:

Hope to see this feature anytime soon!

There’s a workaround since forever using Audacity: - many users will already know it.

Up to 16 tracks this workaround works within Cubase now using Ambisonic tracks. Select tracks, choose ‘convert mono to multichannel’, set destination file format and go.

Aside the previously existing surround tracks (up to 6 ch), Ambisonics 2nd Order has 9 channels, 3rd order has 16 channels. Those are the destination formats you’re looking for on mono to multichannel conversion. The number of tracks has to meet the format exactly, so in case of i.e. 14 drum tracks we’d need to copy two to have 16 in total and convert to Ambi 3rd order. Otherwise Cubase will moan.

After warping it’s just ‘multitrack to mono’.

More than 16 tracks: no chance still within Cubase. But at least a workaround that stays within the project for many tasks. Monitoring the multichannel file while warping is cheesy (the new Ambisonic decoding plugins help) but feasible for the job.

It’s really time to have multi warp without ‘phase carnival’ and cumbersome additional actions built in in a convenient manner :laughing:

Requested since years. Still not implemented!
Instead we get “new skins on plugins”, color “updates” and all kind of useless stuff and in the process get a pile of screwed workflows and deleted previous features.

+1 for phase consistant multitrack free warp!

+1 and also make it possible to free warp directly in the arranger window so we don’t have to do it in the audio editor.