"Mute pre-send when Mute” preference not saved properly

Long standing bug - it even had a bug tracking number (which was mysteriously closed without being resolved) - (CAN-25781)

Here’s the last cubase 11 thread on the subject - although there were many, many threads about it on the old forum.

here’s a few more

In an age of uncertainty it’s great to see some things remain the same…Still there in Nuendo 11

(let’s not get started on hidden track in EUCON)

Please SB - keep your new plugins and fix some of the very longstanding issues please

Come on Steinberg… This has to get fixed

Same problem in Cubase for maybe 6 years… Lame.

Again, this needs to be a priority. I’ll cast one of these “votes” we have now, not that it will make the fix go faster, but just to show that I consider this issue very important.