mysteingerb support: is this for real??

Hi everyone, I posted three support requests using mysteingerb support at

I get an automated email acknowledgement, and then… nothing. A month has gone by. When I am logged in, the tickets I opened don’t show anywhere at all.

Is this support system for real, or it is just a complete joke? Is anyone getting any replies from the steinberg support team?

can only think of one of two things:
one:staff have so many support tickets they literally have gone into meltdown and cannot cope with replying to them
two:staff have so many support tickets they literally have gone into meltdown and cannot cope with replying to them

oh wait, that is the only reasonable reason…

Apart from maybe occasionally the support person has no answer/solution to the request so it gets ignored.

Don’t expect even remotely prompt replies to support tickets. I have had replies weeks after sending, and yes, sometimes not at all.

Steinberg have just got so many users: Schools, Colleges, Pro users/Pro Studios, Home studio owners, Hobby users etc etc. I can only Imagine the number of support requests they get daily and the number of staff they would need to deal with all those requests effectively. But…I just ain’t right!

Too busy compiling their list

It’s what the customers wanted :laughing:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the list :wink:

Absolutely the same experience for me. Not having enough staff is no excuse. They have a product, and it isn’t cheap, they have to provide some professional level of support. Employ more people. Or improve the product so there arn’t so many support requests. You cannot simply treat customers with such dismissive contempt like this. Its extremely dissappointing.

I thought Steinberg was a serious company. What you are saying is simply awful. Any company that sells products to then ignore their customers completely does not deserve to be in business. Shame on them.

“The Steinberg Media Technologies support team is committed to provide a comprehensive service. An important part of any support offer is the direct contact via email and telephone.”

Then at least they could avoid writing stuff like that at the top of the support page. Truly pathetic

I got through to tech support recently, and they solved my problem (I wasn’t able to activate the PadShop Pro demo).

I’ve had mixed experiences on the few occasions I’ve contacted support. Sometimes I’ve had a prompt reply, sometimes no reply (that was on an issue which I already suspected was difficult/impossible to solve). What was the issue when you got no reply?

Agree with the sentiments here. Its been been mixed. Current request was made 9 days ago mySteinberg and currently, not a word to be heard! All I’ve asked for is a download link for the full installer package.

There is no way to follow up support requests other than to make a new support request, which is extremely frustrating for us and inefficient for all concerned. I hope its on their list of things to improve.

Apologies, I posted the above comment in the wrong forum. My feedback was in reference to ‘Nuendo’ support which is handled directly by Yamaha.

Well I see it as a good sign that they are indeed working very hard.

However what I don’t get is that they do let this get out of hand (reputational damage is just to big), it was the same situation 2 months ago when I submitted a few request for support and had to wait over a month.

I have waited with patient as there is no commercials pressure for me and after a week or 4 I got a neat response and moved on.

Render in place. The rendered track is never in synch with the rest of the project. And I have to align it manually. And I have a huge project that will require than done dozens of times… Not pleased at all

I’ve made 2 Support Requests in the past. Once last June, to which I never received any answer. For the second I’ve been waiting over a month, without reply. Its to wrost example of customer “support” I’ve come across anywhere in the music software industry, of which I’ve had a lot of experience, including other DAWs.

To get no answer at all is truly bizarre. To they simply choose which ones they want to answer to, and leave the unlucky ones just hanging on? I’ve had to wait some time for answers from other companies in the past, but I cannot recall ever being ignored completely. Twice.

My support request went unnoticed as well.

Usually they are on it, but this time they are overwhelmed i think.

It is a true shame because the software is excellent. I have moved to cubase after 13 year of protools, and I think cubase is superior. But to ignore their customers like this, really unacceptable. Especially when they pride themselves on the support they provide in their support page…

The LAST 3 support requests I submitted were never answered. Automated acknowledgement upfront, and then nothing. I have given up on it.

Does the quality of support depend on your location?

I have only submitted 3-4 “tickets” in the past few years and I think USA support solved 2 of 4. The other 2 the guy agreed and confirmed the bug and wrote “we will send that to Germany.”

I believe in some countries the user gets immediate phone support. In the USA you have to submit a request, then you will get a written reply within a couple business days. If the problem is simple then maybe it’s resolved, but for my situations the written reply was worthless and I had to ask for a phone contact…more down time. Then a day or two they set up an actual phone time to speak with a human.

I understand the reasoning for the above. Too often, most of their time is spent with issues where the user needs to simply RTFM. After all, who wants to read a manual when you can make a quick call and get it resolved in minutes?

This is another reason I support a genuinely professional DAW. Charge a high price, which prevents prosumers from even considering purchasing the software. Offer live phone support, focus on core DAW functions, workflow, bug elimination, and not VST’s, or things 3rd parties usually do better.

As it stands now, I think every DAW is hoked in an endless cycle of appealing to new users, being forced to add more “features” with every release because that is where the money is at…the prosumer market. Just look at that “open plea” thread. If you break free of being forced to market toward prosumers then professional support along with the concept of better functionality, less bugs, better workflow would happen.

But yes, they would have to charge the user much more. Someday I hope that happens.

My issues were definitely not newbie questions, i’ll just leave it at that. And I live in a major music center in the U.S.
I’ve used various versions of Cubase since SX3 and they’ve been like this for a long time, although support has gotten really bad in the last couple of years. 99% of the time I’m able to troubleshoot my own issues…I only reach out to SB support when its a very in depth issue, but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the only requests they answer are actually the ‘easy and quick to answer’ questions

I totally hear you. It’s unfortunate. I just thought it might be important to differetinate between those who get live phone support and those who have to submit a “ticket.”

I will say some other developers are just horrible. You ask a specific question and the reply appears to be a copy-n-paste from their FAQ’s that have absolutely nothing to do with my specific question. It’s insulting to the user. The only solution I know of is to charge more for your product. IMO UAD has excellent support. :mrgreen:

I’m wondering if this could this be related to certain plugins that you have inserted? There are a handful of plugins which create a small delay when you export audio in the normal way. I haven’t experienced it with Render In Place but wouldn’t be surprised if it happens here too. iZotope Ozone can cause this delay for example and I think from memory some of the Waves multi band plugins can cause it too.

I’m not a big user of Render In Place but haven’t noticed any timing issues with it so far.