New Forum!

Congratulations on your new forum setup.
It looks clean and modern.
I’m sure the new forum will help users find their way around Dorico.


Thanks! @Ben_at_Steinberg and other colleagues at Steinberg, together with the team at Discourse, have worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to migrate all existing content and users to the new forum.

A quick tip: type Shift+? on any screen to see the wide range of keyboard shortcuts available for Discourse, which make navigating around the forum very easy.

Also, I recommend you go through the on-boarding tutorial, which you will find in your Messages area: a bot called @discobot will take you through the basics of using the forum (and you’ll get your Certified badge when you complete the tutorial successfully).


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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He’s very attentive, that @discobot.


no link to a tutorial in my welcome message ?

just the promise of some gifts - some missing links - and missing gifs ?

Yes, the little images in the tutorial message may be missing (this happened to me too). Click the button to reveal the additional buttons at the bottom of the post and click the bookmark icon to trigger the next step in the tutorial.

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What did I even manage to do with myself yesterday?

Nice forum, congrats folks!

yep got it - (as clear as mud !)

no way to change your username ?
doesn’t pull your ‘friends/foes’ list from the old forum
no way to actually DELETE your account ?

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@DanMcL, it looks like you might have signed up with a new user rather than using your existing @DanMcL user. Let us know if you have problems signing in and claiming your existing user account.

@Dr.Strangelove, you can change your username by going to the Preferences tab in your user profile page (click on your avatar in the top right corner of the page).

not on my account
I can change my “Profile Picture” and my “Name” but the first field “Username” isn’t editable. Your account may be more elevated than mine ?

DanMcL’s account show created on 1st Oct so not a new account ? - just the first time he’s (she’s) posted :slight_smile:

Cornfusion … when I got here it said to login via your Steinberg ID, which I did and landed me here. Sorry I’m dense this morning, how do I claim the other user? @dspreadbury

Uhhh, you know what might have happened is my Steinberg ID is for a different email addy then what I used for the Redtide … don’t know, I don’t mind just using this one and forgetting about the other, got rather tired of using the business name anyhow

@Dr.Strangelove Let me check with my fellow moderators about changing usernames. I had been under the impression that we were going to allow users to edit their usernames for a period after the forum transition, but perhaps this plan has changed. I’ll come back to you in due course.

@DanMcL, I guess in your case we would ideally merge the older @DanMcL account into this one?

Nice job! Looking great.


thanks Daniel - the announcement said that username changes would be allowed.

Mines pulled across with an extra “1” at the end. Maybe discourse doesn’t like 2 letter usernames ?
(had this username since the very very old cubase forum around year 2000)

@dspreadbury Sure that’s fine, or if it’s easier I can switch to the other one somehow. I logged out and back in, but I only have a single SteinbergID, so I guess that Redtide was kind of an orphan since I don’t think it was attached to any email that had a SteinID. Don’t know, whatever you folks think is best

the import of users worked off the email addresses - no other way to identify people.

Obviously if your email address on the old forum isn’t the same as you mysteinberg one then it couldn’t import it

TBH if you could delete old users and allowed them to rename then all these problems would go away - you could just rename your new one to your old username

Yes, by default usernames on Discourse must be a minimum of three characters in length. I’ll come back to you concerning the ability to edit your username later on. @Ben_at_Steinberg is taking a well-deserved lunch with his wife after a very late night and busy morning getting the forum up and running.

Thanks again Daniel - appreciate you being on here to field the questions :smiley:

@Dr.Strangelove, you should hopefully now be able to edit your username (though subject to the existing restrictions on usernames, which do still require a minimum of three characters).

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