New free Spectral Synthesizer X-Stream available

Hi everybody,

we are really happy to finally announce the launch of our new free spectral synthesizer X-Stream. It runs in the latest HALion Sonic 7.1 and HALion 7.1 versions. You can get it here:

Watch the walkthrough here:

or drive deeper into sound design with Dom here:

We wish you tons of fun with this new instrument.

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I would really like to download X-Stream (I’m already a registered user of Dorico and Spectralayers). My problem is that my Steinberg Download Assistant does not start anymore: it freezes forever at startup (showing the spinning wheel) and nothing happens. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it several times and to restart my computer, but nothing helps. I am on Mac Intel OS X 12.7.4 Monterey. I would really like to have the Steinberg Download Assistant working again. What could I do, please?

Please try to do a fresh reinstall of the Steinberg Download Assistant from the Steinberg Website and let us know if this works:

Thank you, I have just done it, it does not work.

Okay, let me check with the developers if there is another solution

Thank you very much. Meanwhile, I checked the Steinberg Help database and I found the link herebelow; I really hope that this is not my case, since I literally have hundreds of fonts and, in this case, I should try to solve the problem by reintroducing each of them, one by one, a work of hours and hours (and, anyway, I don’t remember installing unusual fonts recently at all). If the problem described at the link herebelow is unfortunately my case (and I really hope not, also because the Steinberg Download Assistant was working correctly here not long ago), I believe that the developers should really provide a version of the Steinberg Download Assistant (or a method to download your products) that does not give such terribly long and painful problems as those described in the link. Anyway, thank you for your kind help! Here is the link I found:

I downloaded this free instrument/sound design tool only for it to tell me that I had no license …!!!
Weird for a free instrument it doesn’t appear in activation manager.
I’m using Cubase Pro 13 on an M2 Mac Studio…
any ideas…?
To add to this retrologue has decided that it won’t work either as -yes you guessed- it doesn’t have a licence…
Well it’s all a bit weird isn’t it…

Hi, please click the download button in this page to add the X-Stream license to your account:
New: Free X-Stream Spectral Synthesizer | Steinberg

It should then show up in the Steinberg Activation Manager when you refresh it.

This issue is also causing me the same problem with installing Steinberg software I get system freeze then nothing using the Steinberg Download Assistant on my mac running OS 12.7.5 Monterey.

I had posted this question on the forum earlier but do not see it now.


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With regard to me, I confirm that, in theory, the activation works. What I cannot do is downloading the software itself.

I really hope somebody will post a suggestion about what we should do. Hopefully the developers will answer to @Florian_Haack.
Did you read the link I mentioned? Here it is:

Having some graphical glitches when using it. The Halion Sonic window is often flickering from mostly blackness to normal UI state.

What’s odd is that these glitches do NOT show up on an OBS capture of the display.

I’ve recorded them badly on my phone, but it appears something is not happy…

Thanks for this instrument, here it works fine, in Windows 11 in Halion Sonic Stand Alone and in Cubase 13 as instrument. :+1:

This link seemed to have worked for me.


Yes, the direct download links given to me worked and I managed to install X-Stream, which I really like! Beautiful software.

On the other hand, my problem with the Steinberg Download Assistant (which refuses to start) is not solved yet, but I’m now receiving help from Steinberg: they are analysing the problem and will answer me. So, you say that link is right and it was a font problem, for you… it’s not nice to have to do a lot of work to fix things; maybe I’ll try to follow the instructions there, when I have time.

Is X-Stream included in Halion 7.1 or I have to down load it separately in order to use it in Halion?

You have to download it separately. It is merely a vst instrument such as Iconica or HalION Sonic Selection.

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I have a question about using it: How do I start with nothing? No effects, no sample already there? I am only able to take an already existent preset and modify it.

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