New Problem... Cubase 11 suddenly hijacks all my other players!

This happened sometime in the last week because everything was fine before. I had been busy on some other projects and hadn’t opened Cubase in that time; I have not changed my hardware or installed any new software or drivers or changed my configuration.

But now when I boot up Cubase (11.0.30) it hijacks and freezes ALL of my other players - Windows media player, VLC, the audio AND video in Youtube and Vimeo in my browsers, Even FL Studio, which was never affected by any of Cubase’s audio craziness before. etc. No audio, no video. If they happen to be playing when I open Cubase they just freeze. I’ve tried shutdowns and restarts and virus scans. Safe mode doesn’t help. If I shutdown Cubase everything works normally again.

Configuration: Cubase 11.0.30, Windows 10, Steinberg UR22 Mk2 and Steinberg USB driver. Here’s a screenshot of the audio connections"

Thanks in advance!

You again…
In fact what you describe isn’t a new problem, but still the result of not making the correct settings on your computer. I’ve sent you a detailed guide months ago but you didn’t seem to read it.
You didn’t even answered my post from August 18th where I gave many clues.
Instead you prefer opening new topics every time, saying this is a new issue, but in reality all of them are talking about the exact same issue.

Here it is, again. Hopefully you won’t miss it this time. :wink:


but you didn’t seem to read it.
That’s because other people suggested installing the UR22mk2 and I did and everything worked g fine after that. So if my settings are wrong then why did it stop working a week ago after months of heavy and problem-free use? Also this is not the same problem as before because last time it didn’t affect FL Studio.

Anyway your document is too long and not clearly-written . For example it says of Exclusive Mode: This setting is found just under the sample rate setting. But that did not appear to be the case (see attached)

until I discovered while searching on the Microsoft forums I found that you probably meant a Windows setting…

… It was unchecked but I’ve tried it both checked and un-checked and have not gotten any consistent results.
I suggest you simplify your document to “here are the settings that work…” with screenshots and pathnames to each setting. But as you can see I’m already unchecking exclusive mode.

Here’s the Steinberg USB ASIO settings

The problem with the whole approach of “try this…try that…” to debugging stuff like this is that it’s random. I need a way to diagnose this because without diagnosing it we can’t be sure we’re using the right fix. Also, I’ve NEVER had problems like this with FL Studio - why is Cubase so fragile? Is 12 better?

It hurts reading this, considering I have spent several hours to write it, and it has successfully helped many people already. I guess even the best and clearest guides out there will never be enough for you.

Yes, the Exclusive Mode setting is located just under the Sample Rate setting, starting from the previous paragraph where I ask to open the Windows sound settings. There’s some logic behind the paragraph order.
The very first sentence of the Exclusive Mode paragraph is “This setting is enabled by default for every audio channel in Windows”.
Even at the very start of the guide is written “You must disable Exclusive Mode in Window”. Not my fault if you can’t understand that.

For starters, “stuff like that” isn’t random, and “debugging”, as you call it, is just a matter of settings, in your case. There is no point in trying “this or that”, my guide clearly explains the adjustments to be made to solve the problem. There’s no trial and error, just make the right settings and you’re done.

In my guide I also explain exactly why you shouldn’t load an ASIO driver while the audio is already playing in Windows, and recommend to stop any playback before doing so. If you do that already, it will fix 80% of your problems, and also make sure to verify the Release Driver setting (it should be disabled) and the driver version, which is, once gain, explained in my guide.

As far as I know (and I’m experiencing it myself) when Windows makes an update, it sometimes resets the audio settings, that’s why, when it suddenly no longer works like it used to, it is necessary to check all the settings, and change them again in the case they got modified.

If I was in front of your PC the issue would be fixed in less than ten minutes.

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