New versions?

instead of having ’ blanket new versions ’ where nice goodies are added :+1: but
( unaware to the punter :rage: ) some of his favourite workflow features are removed
there aught to be a choice
ie . . all altered features should be reversable and anything removed should be made available for restoration
there must be a least one spotty geek at steinberg that can see this would be a marketing winner
people are p***ed off with gaining on the roundabout but losing on the swings


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This would be a big mess.


only for the so called programmers/codesters
evertime a new version comes out . . some poor sod ( esp the seasoned and loyal user ) has at least one of his favourite features either altered or removed . . . at a price ( pmsl )

then stay at the version you like? no one is forcing you to upgrade.
stay or upgrade and adapt.

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people like new features . .‘AND’ stuff they’re used to . . simple . . its human nature
not rocket science :+1:
Steinberg . . when boasting what they are going to give you with a new version should inform you what you’re going to ‘FORFEIT’ for the priviledge :grinning:

What’s the feature that you love this much that is gone?

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theres lots of discontent amoung seasoned users of cubase about irresponible new versions
just browse the forums
or perhaps when you’ve used cubase and all of its potential in the years to come
you will appreciate what this thread is about

Yeah I don’t know, only been using Cubase since SX3

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i read about someone complaining about the v13 hub changing just earlier
thats what prompted this post

  • sx3 has gone downhill ever since cubase 4 :smile:

sure, but change doesn’t mean it’s gone. it means you need to learn how the new version works. if people are afraid of change, then just stay at your current version.

There is a lot of different stuff in C13 vs C12, but it still function the same, and if you have used cubase for a while it goes really quickly to get to know the new

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if it aint broke . . dont fix it . . THATS THE WHOLE POINT
why should a user put up with ’ UNNECESSARY ’ change because some
programmer at steinberg is trying to justify his/her job
you can improve a car without changing the shape of the steering wheel
its ‘silly’ changes that p***es poeple off
+SX3 had a much better and less complicated UI than all its decendants IMO


steinbergs NEXT version of this would be to swop all the numbers around
and change the shape of the holeS LMFAO!!

I don’t know what the case is about that exactly.
but I do want Cubase to progress. and yes I know, change is hard for some.
but it’s needed.
if those people use a couple a min. to learn the difference/change, it’s probably just as good or better

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PREFER the numbers and holes as they are thanks

then stay at that version then, It’s not that hard, cheesus.
C12 still works

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c12 has a lot of problems with stability . . read the forums

I do this professionally so stability is most important, I was on C10 until recently moving to C13 (because of Apple CPU)

80% of the time when cubase is unstable it’s user error, meaning, plugins, system and what not.
The newest Cubase is stable on my system now, so I am done with updating anything, because of that reason


i have been having issues with c12 and an audiophile2496 card
i have installed c13 to see if things improve

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For me it’s the small things, for example:
It used to be possible to change a track colour from the Inspector - but no longer! Now you have to use the toolbar;
In the mix console, one used to be able to “long-press” the funny-looking “e” to open the instrument - now, a new button has appeared, which is good, but…
…In both these cases, I am fighting my muscle memory and it takes hours and hours to change and get used to the “new and improved” ways.

And there seems to be no good reason to remove this functionality.

Moving the Preferences to the Edit menu - again, why? And again, muscle memory kicks in.
The F2 toolbar, which I used to use quite often now stretches across 2 monitors when I have the same functions visible as on the previous version - so I very rarely use it, now. (It would be nice if Cubase’s toolbars were like the old, old MS Office toolbars, that not only were editable, but were resizable, dockable and movable.)
Like I say, small things, but things I do a lot.