Next release?

For the community not Steinberg folks; aren’t we due for a release? Maybe I’m addicted to the heady days in past years of a machine gun release train.

I’m looking forward to see where the development of the humanization goes.

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A new Dorico 5 update is of course in progress, but at the moment I can’t say when you should expect it to arrive. We won’t keep it secret, so you can be sure you won’t miss it.


I guess Daniel is community AND Steinberg :grin:


… and has better knowledge concerning
future releases than virtually all other community members! :wink:

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ooo, I’m hoping for playback of fermatas and caesuras!!!
one day.
that’s on my wishlist.


Which is why I specifically asked Steinberg folks not to participate … anyhow was just looking for some educated guesses as to when the next one might be so I can get it off my mind.

You’ll get no guesses or estimates from anyone but Daniel, which is why he replied.


This group is not capable and doesn’t have a history of having opinions about future releases, and Daniel will say stuff about a release before it’s available? That’s reverse-world :slight_smile:

Well, actually some people in the community might have some intel, as beta-testers… And they probably signed a NDA ^^
The other folks don’t know anything about updates (I admit I am in that group) and thus don’t feel the need to express nonsensical stuff. This forum is really one of a kind, filled with quality people :slightly_smiling_face:


This is getting really weird, in years past we’ve had lots of speculation threads about the next release, suddenly we’re too good for that. Fine with me, forget I even asked :slight_smile:

Read posts of @dspreadbury carefully. He sometimes shares some insights on things, that will be in the next update or the team is working on at the moment. And I have the feeling, that this get’s more frequently, when an update is getting closer …


It’s 123 days since 5.0 was released, which is less than the 140 days between 4.0 and 4.1.

So, it’s not over due; at least. But of course, if what they’re working on is very big or very difficult, or both, then it might take longer.

What’s interesting is that 4.2 came only 42 days after 4.1; so we might even get 5.2 this side of Christmas!


so it’s 11th October for 5.1. Daniel, please take note :smiley:

I’d rather have a great product that’s ready to continue Dorico’s fine tradition than set artificial deadlines on the Development Team (even in jest).

The next version will arrive when it’s ready; I am quite satisfied with that.


I remember reading something from him (soon after release of v5…?), where he shared with us that the team were a couple of staff down, seconded to work on other (SB) projects, till ‘later in the year…’. Indeed, indicated they hadn’t even been involved in much of the development of D5 at all…!

I’ll try to find the post (maybe my recollection is a little off…).

Maybe the team’s still not quite back up to full strength now and the amount of development covered thus far will be similar to that which went in to D5’s initial release… If that’s the case, (big IF) expectation might be that the next release will be a full quality (maintenance) update, less ‘big’ feature (notation/engraving.?) focused…

Guessing of course… :slightly_smiling_face:

Someone from the other forum pointed me to this post Daniel shared back in August, with an interview he’d given where he let it slip ever so casually that the plan (at least at that time) was to release the update in October.

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I listened with great interest to the majority of Daniel “droning on for the better part of two hours” a few weeks ago but I must have forgotten the bit about an October release.

IIRC it was very early on, where he talked about how busy the team was, etc. But something happened with the (delayed?) release of Cubase last week so I’m not sure if that impacted Dorico’s plans in any way.

Wouldn’t be a very good business move if you did.


Thank you! After getting berated for daring to ask about the next release, something like this was all I was looking for …

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