No longer regretting the purchase

So I purchased Pro 9.5 online today, downloaded it, installed, but can’t use it. Seems I had to go back and purchase a hardware security dongle also. Now, I’ll wait days for this thing to be delivered before even getting to spend a second with a product I spent close to $600 total for.

Just seems an odd way to introduce a new customer to Cubase. Already regretting the purchase.

Don’t know where you bought it, but if you look at the system requirements you will see that for Artist and Pro versions you will need an USB Elicenser.

It´s always someone else´s fault…

Just a thought… Maybe you can install the Cubase Elements 9.5 trial version and check it out while you are waiting for the eLicenser. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Bought a car and turns out I need a driver´s license…

I got mine from Amazon. I have Prime, so it was a two day delivery. I feel your frustration, but don’t let it get you down. I suggest getting a usb hub. I bought an ORICO 10 Port USB3.0 Hub from Amazon a few years ago. It was only $26. It still works great. Just plug the dongle in and forget about it.

Received the e-Licenser and am up and running.

My frustration was due to not being able to use the software for several days. Unlike other DAWs and software I have purchased, Cubase is the first to require a hardware dongle. It’s requirement eluded me, probably because of this.

I appreciate the helpful replies several of you gave. To the snarky ones → well, that’s on you.


Did this after a fellow on Facebook suggested it. Worked great to get a handle on some of the workflow.

Well, FWIW… if Cubase is a proper fit for you, then you’ll likely become well acquainted with ‘dongles’ so its probably good that you learned about them now. LOTS of DAW Vendors use them including Vienna, Waves, IK, Toontrack, Arturia, etc., etc. They are -extremely- common among the major music software publishers


I think the reaction of some forum members is probably a reflection of the fact that many users do not investigate things for themselves before posting on this forum. Quite often the default reaction to a problem or some issue that is not understood is to blame the product. Hence the cynical reaction of some people. That said I am sure that you will enjoy using Cubase and will find this community very helpful when you have issues. Which given the learning curve is a certainty. I have been using Cubase since it first came out and I was using an Atari. I can’t imagine using anything else. The present version is probably the best yet.

Just ignore the smart arse’s with negative vibes

I’ll be really happy when they abandon the hardware dongle someday. I’ve had a dongle since the early days and honestly, dongles only end up punishing the paying user.

At least move to something like Plugin Alliance where you can store your license on your computer, on any USB drive, etc.

The dongle is why the software isn’t cracked. I don’t see what the problem is. Plug in and forget!

Which is totally fine if you only use one computer, and don’t work in multiple locations.

Life is pain! :laughing:

I do work in multiple locations with multiple computers, and it is Totally fine that way too…

My only complaint with the dongle is its durability!!
Maybe if Steinberg could sell a metal one or a very hard plastic and very hard to break one.
I think the dongle is great when working with multiple computers (I used to do that) but we need one that is durable to resist heavy use.

Sonico, please weigh in here:

Imagine, how I felt suprised with serial port sentinel back in the 90s :wink:
…or maybe LPT… 20 years ago… Omg, I’m old :wink:

So, do you still regret your purchase? Considering the topic title…