No sound in headphones

Hello, I just bought Cubase 12 elements and I can’t use my headphones with it. Even with my headphones plugged into my computer, the sound from Cubase comes out of my computer speakers. However, my headphones work for everything else (Youtube for example). Does anyone have a solution?

Have you tried to do a forum search for this topic? This has been addressed several times in the not so distant past. You’ll find some tipps.

I have but I found no clear answers to this problem.

Maybe here

Thanks for your answer but I don’t have the same driver. I have the “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”

IMO you’d better install ASIO4All then. It’s free.

Ok thanks, I installed ASIO4all and it works with the headphones but now, when I have Cubase opened, I can’t hear any other applications with my headphones.

Maybe this will help

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Ok I think it works now! Thank you so much for your time and help!