No Sound with Dorico 4

I just installed Dorico 4. Everything appears to work except for the sound on the playback. I’ve tried switching from NotePerformer to HSSE etc. under preferences and nothing works. Any ideas on how I might get my sound to work?

Sorry to hear that, @perrinea. Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from within Dorico 4 and attach the resulting diagnostics here?

Here they are. Thanks, Daniel!

Dorico (386.3 KB)

On the face of it, everything looks OK to me. Are you expecting output to come out through your computer’s built-in speakers? It doesn’t appear that any other outputs are available, but can you confirm that’s what you expect?

Yes, I am simply trying to get it to come out of my laptop’s internal speakers. I can confirm that the metronome in Dorico 4 works, which is puzzling.

Right, that’s a good start at least. If you go to Play > Playback Template and re-apply the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, does that kick things into gear?

If not, if you run Steinberg Library Manager, do the various sounds included with HSSE appear to be installed as expected? It should look something like this:

So Play>Playback Template was able to get HSSE+HSO working. NotePerformer still isn’t, though.

Are you using a M1 mac natively?

I am, yes

I’m not even sure what Rosetta is, so no, I don’t think I’m running Dorico 4 that way. I was running 3.5 on the same M1 laptop with NotePerformer before installing 4. Now, neither want to playback correctly.

That’s right, you need to set Dorico 4 to open using Rosetta to use NotePerformer. The procedure is described on pages 51 and 52 of the Dorico 4 Version History PDF.