No video sound in Dorico 3 with UA Apollo 8

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply.

I haven’t changed the sample rate between saturday and today. When I ran into the problem with no sound, I tried the option above, so I changed it only then.

I will give it a try to detach, save under a different name and re-attach like you write and see if it works then.

Nothing helped, do you have other ideas that might help? I can work in Dorico 2, but that’s not really a good solution, of course.

All ideas welcome!

I assume you’re on Windows. Can you try closing Dorico, opening Explorer and typing in the path bar:

%TEMP%\Dorico 3

If there’s a directory in there called Soundtracks then delete it. Start Dorico and load the project file again.

If this doesn’t fix it then please go to the Help menu and choose Create Diagnostic Report, then attach the file that’s on your desktop.

Hi Paul,

You’re right, I’m on Windows, forgot to mention that.
But you guessed right and this did the trick, thanks a lot!

I’m getting this issue. I have a film clip at some sample rate (not sure, probably 44) and my interface is a 48. No audio from the clip. Checked mixer settings, all fine for the video track and I can hear instruments. I didn’t change the sample rate but I cleared the caches (Mac OS) and still no dice. What else can I do?

Have you tried changing the filename of the video and re-attaching it?

Hm, missed that trick. OK just renamed it (the prior name was mangly) but unfortunately didn’t fix it. In the meantime while working on other Dorico issues I did a bunch of things including a big disk cleanup and reboot.

It gets weirder, the sound came back somehow - OK. Then I closed the project with the video, and created a new one to work on something else. The video is still loaded and plays. It’s not attached to any flow of course, but the video player has it stuck in there. Now I can’t get rid of it! Why do all these weird things happen to me? :grin: Anyhow, restarting Dorico fixed it.

In the previous session I had recovered it from a crash, maybe that made the video sticky somehow.

Certainly I’ve never experienced a situation where a video attached to one project unexpectedly sticks around and plays back when you work on another project, but I guess it’s not impossible under the right set of circumstances.

I keep having the same problem. Is there a way to link the videoengine.bundle to this forum? I can’t get my multimedia to work consistently and it’s becoming a serious problem. Sometimes I might run another program that uses a different audio sample rate and it just causes a big snowball of issues with Dorico and video audio playback

I’ve tried adjusting the sample rate. I tried removing the videoengine.bundle, opening Dorico, closing Dorico, then adding it back. I tried restarting my computer. I tried renaming and reattaching the video file. I tried just reattaching the video file before I renamed it. Nothing worked.

You shouldn’t need to remove the video engine itself: after you change the sample rate that Dorico is using in Edit > Device Setup, it’s the soundtrack of the video that needs to be regenerated. The procedure described above in this thread by Paul to remove the temporary folder where Dorico keeps the soundtrack file it extracts from the video should be sufficient, and failing that, detaching the video from the project, renaming the video file (even just adding “2” on the end, or whatever), and then re-attaching it, should likewise be sufficient. Better still, avoid changing the sample rate in Device Setup if at all possible.