Notes mouse (no keyboard)

Is there any possibility in Dorico 2 to move the notes up / down, just with the mouse and without having to use the combination of the keyboard, as in Cubase 10?
Could it be added in the next update of Dorico ?. It would be very practical!
Thank you
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No, and it’s very unlikely this functionality will be forthcoming. The UX of Dorico is intentionally not compatible with using the mouse to drag notes around.

In Engrave mode, you can drag other elements around, but notes always are moved (in Write Mode only) using Alt-arrow or Shift-Alt-arrow (or Ctrl-alt-arrow).

I really, really prefer keyboard method. Once you acclimate, it’s so much faster! And less opportunity for error…

Highly unlikely. The Dorico developers made an intentional decision to make it impossible to drag a note up or down by accident. That’s why even with keyboard entry you need the Alt key as well as an arrow key. It’s not about convenience, it’s about making it harder to do something by accident.

However in Cubase 10 it is very practical.
I think there should be an option to do it, or remove it if you do not like it.

You’re entitled to your opinion :wink:


What I mean by that is that the developers have over 100 years’ combined experience developing notation software. I can’t speak for them and their future development plans, but I trust their judgement - it’s pretty much always logical.

There is, of course, an option to add notes using the mouse (which I can’t stand, by the way, and quickly disabled).

I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to easily drag notes around in the score when it wasn’t intended!

So, I do not understand how until now it could not be done in Cubase and yes in Cubase 10

You never used Sibelius, I guess. The sound of a note shooting up or down 57 leger lines away from the staff was one of the familiar “play notes as you edit them” sounds.

And the fact that the Dorico developers DID work with Sibelius might have something to do with their decision in Dorico :wink:

Cubase = Steinberg. Dorico = Steinberg. However, the two development teams are different groups of people in different countries. The Dorico team were given the right to do things their own way, rather than sticking to the way that Cubase already does things.


Yet there are those of us quite used to working that way. Not only is it pretty fast but there are those for whom any other way is a much slower.

Dorico may turn out to be a bad purchase decision for me because of this issue. It’s also possible that I will do all note entry in another app and export via MusicXML and finish in Dorico. Time and usage will tell.

Please refrain from replying and telling me why mouse entry and is so bad and the inability to drag notes is so good. You don’t know my situation and I have not revealed my reasons.

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I didn’t never said mouse-based note entry was wrong, merely that it’s not my cup of tea. I said it would be frustrating to accidentally move notes when you hadn’t meant to.

There are two issues here: entering notes with the mouse, and altering notes with the mouse. Dorico allows the former, but not the latter. I’m not disparaging your preferred method of moving notes around, whatever it may be… merely saying that Dorico doesn’t allow notes to be altered by dragging them, and probably never will (though of course I’m not on the dev team).

As you said, time and usage will tell. For my part, I very much miss Finale’s note entry method. But I’ve acclimated fine, and everything else is far superior.

For what it’s worth I agree that we should at some point add the option to drag notes up and down with the mouse. It’s not trivial to add, but it is something that I expect we will do in the future. However, the points that Dan and Leo have espoused here – that we try to make it difficult to make unintended changes to the music, which is typically very easy with the mouse – are absolutely correct. I certainly thought that users coming to Dorico from Sibelius in particular would find the lack of this feature awkward, but there has been remarkably little complaint about it over the last couple of years, so I feel reasonably vindicated in making the design decision. However, I also want Dorico to suit different styles of workflows, and of course the mouse is a valid input and editing device, so it’s something we’ll certainly consider for the future.

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Love you guys, you never stop listening!


I just purchased an Wacom intus pro and started to use it with Dorico. I really wish there was a way to drag it! by steps. However, I can point at a stop on the staff and press the pen against it.
In my case, I try to program one of its express keys!

We don’t rule out making it possible to drag notes with the mouse in a future version, but it’s not currently a high priority.

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I really hope that at some point , the decision to add this feature will be done.
i’m hand disabled, and use a Wacom tablet as a mouse, and try to use as less as possible keyboard for everything (can’t use a real mouse too).
All software which use extensively shortcuts and especially combined ones Alt + … are banned for my use :frowning: .

I tried all the trial of Dorico since version one, now i own SE, and the issue is still the entry note with the keyboard.
It’s very frustrating.

I Hope at some point, this feature will be added at least as an option. Thanks !

Just in case you’ve overlooked it, it is possible to click-replace existing notes and have them retain their existing duration (and any articulation marks). You just need to turn on the Lock to Duration icon like so:

Not quite the same thing as click-dragging, but maybe closer than what you’re currently doing.