Nuendo 11.0.40 Maintenance Update

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of a new update for Nuendo 11, version 11.0.40.

This includes several important improvements and issue resolutions in different areas of the application.

For a detailed description of all fixes and improvements, please check the Release Notes page,

As always, you can download this update from Steinberg website and via the Steinberg Download Assistant .

All the best,


Wonderful, thank you.

Can you or someone please point us to where we can read up on “Exporting audio from projects with 5.1 channel configuration no longer produces audibly inconsistent results.”? I would like to know what that means technically and practically.

Thanks @Luis_Dongo for the information.

Unfortunately there are no further Eucon improvements in this update…
There are still several Eucon issues which make a professional workflow with Eucon based controllers very hard / impossible!

Check this thread for more details EUCON Update!

Can we expect Eucon improvements in the next updates?
Thanks in advance and all the best

Fantastic. Thank you
Nuendo is great,

Hi, how to roll back to Nuendo 11.0.30 ?
I’m on windows 10 and I didn’t make a restore point before updating to 11.0.40. i have an issue with melodyne 5 with ARA, it full zoom out every time opening event with melodyne !!
a quick hot fix from steinberg would be nice, as i like the “scaling names on mixer tracks” but anyway need to roll back to 11.0.30 cuz its impossible to work like that

Buffer Latency working here with AXR4 as expected with Nuendo 10.0.40. I have not tried direct recording with AXR4.

You can always download 11.0.30 from the Steinberg site and reinstall on-top - there shouldn’t be any problem.

David Bendayan

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OK thanks, ill try it, i thought there should be uninstalling of 11.0.40 first or all program
!!SOLVED !! Back to 11.0.30

Maybe I missed it in the Release Notes but, did they fix the Broadcast Wave File bug?

If you’re referring to the setting not saving in the Project Setup menu, yes its been fixed and yes, it’s in the release notes.


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A big thank you to Steinberg for fixing the Komplete Kontrol related issues. :clap:

This one freaked me out!!! I did have some weird export behavior only with N11.03 that i’ve seen and not very happy about it as we need to trust our export 100%. and looks terrible in front of paying clients

Thanks for the update, but I have huge window related issues, all the windows are placed on the top left of the screen and, most importantly, without the top bar, so I cannot move them to their places. Major bug. - Will fall back to 10.3 as 11.0.30 is not super stable yet as well.

This is not a bug in Nuendo, there’s something up on your system.

How is the “Expression Map resetting to the first slot” bug still not fixed in 11.0.40?
The “blank articulation” workaround doesn’t work for all applications.

Big problems with Melodyne. Had to switch back.

I think they may have fixed this issue in the latest cubase. When will we see it here?
Also I see they have fixed the scrolling direction on track pad and apple mouse. Has this been fixed on kensington expert track ball?

cubase has a 11.0.41 quick fix. nuendo didnt get it yet ?

On that note anyone from Steinberg tell us how long before this update Nuendo?