Dear Nuendo friends,

It’s finally here - Nuendo 12, with more than 50 new features the biggest release in product history, is released today. After 15 months of development, I’m more than happy to share this news with you. Nuendo 12 comes with a variety of new features, ranging from dialogue editing and ADR to immersive sound, sound design, music and the support of great 3rd party tools. It contains bug fixes and improved functionality.

We’ve had numerous conversations with Nuendo users and those who changed from other platforms and I’d like to say THANK YOU! for your trust, commitment and for your time discussing new features and issues that should be fixed. It makes Nuendo a better software and is very much appreciated by the whole Steinberg ProAudio team.

Here’s an overview on the new features in Nuendo 12.0:

  • Dialogue Detection with AI will reliably detect spoken dialogue, regardless of any background noise

  • Audition tool allowing you to preview material detected as silence or dialogue

  • Multiple reference clips for Audio Alignment for aligning lavalier microphone clips to a boom mic reference track

  • Free Warp in the Project window for subtle timing corrections directly in the Project window

  • Auto-Align® Post support for time and phase alignment of continuously moving microphones

  • EdiCue V4 support allows dialogue supervisors to load character text from PDF shooting scripts into Nuendo

  • ARA improvements making it possible to use SpectraLayers directly at track level

  • Create Markers from Events functionality lets you create markers from events

  • ADR attribute filters are a big help when working with several voice actors

  • ADR API enables external taker systems and dialogue script editors to interact with Nuendo’s ADR system

  • Netflix TTAL dialogue script import/export for supporting Netflix’s proprietary script format

  • New Supervision Modules including 6 brand new metering modules

  • Headphones Match to apply an accurate compensation curve to the monitor output for 387 headphones

  • Dolby Atmos Setup Assistant for converting a channel-based project to a Dolby Atmos mixing project automatically

  • Binaural Downmix via Headphones offers a binaural re-render of the Dolby Atmos mix

  • VST AmbiDecoder now allows for a comprehensive monitoring chain from channel-based sound up to binaural

  • Raiser is a new dynamics processing tool to dramatically increase the loudness of your projects

  • Lin One Dither powered by MAAT, Inc, is a new high-quality dithering plug-in replacing the old UV22HR

  • Verve piano is a beautiful new felt piano

  • SpectraLayers One improvements: integrated spectral editor now includes a new Cursor Crosshair

  • FX Modulator plug-in provides an arsenal of effect modules and a comprehensive envelope editor

  • New MIDI Remote system & API for better integration of third-party MIDI controllers

  • Import tempo and signature tracks from other projects and track archives

  • Create Chord Events from Audio Events improves the way how chord progressions are laid out

  • Logical Editor and Input Transformer improvements allowing you to customize your own workflows

  • Multi-selection/phase coherent AudioWarp makes sure that the spatial relationship (tracks) remains accurate

  • New licensing system is a dongle-free replacement for the old USB-eLicenser

  • StepFilter plug-in has been updated with Randomize parameters

  • Audio Performance Meter gives you the best possible feedback about the load on the audio engine

  • Move Events to Cursor now supports both alignment of audio events and their end-to-cursor position

  • Invert the color on selected events - Nuendo users can choose to have events displayed in inverted colors

  • Channel freeze improvements allowing you to freeze or unfreeze currently selected tracks via key commands

  • New Nudge Cursor key commands to jump backwards or forwards by 5, 10 or 20 seconds in the timeline

  • Independent Grid Settings for Nudge edit operations for decoupling editing operations using Nudge

  • Sample Editor: User interface improvements with updated UI controls for the different sections

  • Volume automation is now near-sample-accurate

  • Important performance improvements for navigating and zooming

  • Video Engine in Nuendo 12 features performance and stability improvements

  • Waveform drawing is now much smoother, making it easier to look at and to edit audio with pinpoint accuracy

  • Native Apple silicon support for Macs using M-series processors

  • Freeze Detection (Windows only) checks if the main UI thread is hanging for an extended amount of time

  • Audio Engine improvements - the performance of all actions involving routing changes has been improved

  • Windows Bluetooth-MIDI Nuendo now supports MIDI over Bluetooth

  • Zoom and scroll behavior has been improved in all editor windows, the MediaBay and the MixConsole

  • Several additional minor improvements across the entire application

Sonderpreis für alle Nuendo Updates bis zum 18. Mai 2022:
Alle Nuendo 12 Updates sind um 20% reduziert. Weitere Infos hier:

Wichtige Informationen im Hinblick auf das neue Steinberg Licensing: Wie updated man auf Nuendo 12 von vorherigen Versionen

Viel Spaß mit Nuendo 12!


Woohoo :partying_face: :tumbler_glass:


Congrats to the Steinberg team – looks like a great improvement in dozens of useful areas, definitely worth the upgrade price! Just missing, er-hem, [broken record alert] comprehensive native ripple editing mode [/broken record alert], but otherwise it is a no-brainer upgrade. Hopefully Steinberg will devote some serious time in the next update to the aforementioned missing feature, and I can finally say goodbye to some other DAWs some of us also use.

Again, congrats to Steinberg, and thank you also for the intro special offer upgrade discount. :smiley:


Congrats! I would assume that the pandemic has been challenging for the team, but you made it!! Still, I miss a more consistent DOP feature. It is hopeless working with dialogue editing when the volume does not correlate with the sequencer volume. I really hope that you will fix this in a future update.

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Many thanks for the new features. In Cubase 12 you could already preview some of what we will now get in Nuendo 12. The license upgrade from eLicencer to the new method worked perfectly.
Best regards from Hannover,

I agree with Ambolt, we HAVE to have the DOP fix (yes, fix, not feature request). Post clip-gain DOP auditioning and some of the other issuses outlined in this post. It is absolutely essential for dialogue editing, and sound design as well.

Please please please look into this for a Nuendo 12 maintenance update

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Upgrade is a no-brainer again. Would have been nice for my wallet if it wasn’t…
… actually… it’s not an expensive upgrade… so I guess… just…



I wonder if it works under macOS Catalina?

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why there’s no audio to midi chords feature??

So far, so good!

It should be definitely in Nuendo as well.

Thank you very much. Ripple Editing…I know, I know. We need to look at that. Seriously.


Many thanks Matthias!

Re Catalina: so far, so good.



System requirements page lists Mojave as supported, but the page does not list any particular Nuendo version @TimoWildenhain Can you confirm this is accurate for N12?

macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey

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+1 also interested in the answer !

Thank you Timo! Appreciate you listening on this long-requested feature from a core group of passionate Ripple Heads. I read your other comments in another thread about the trade-offs for other features vs. the amount of resources Ripple Editing will take, but I think I’m not alone in saying it’s worth the investment. It’s really a key missing puzzle piece for some workflows, and I dare say once other workflows have it, some people will be surprised they lived so long without it.

Anyway, congrats again, this is a great update and kudos to the whole team. I’ll be upgrading right away. Cubase 12 has been good for me (already in production for some projects) so I expect Nuendo 12 will also be pretty stable for us early on. Take care!

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Hi! @TimoWildenhain
Unfortunately, I can’t buy an update for Nuendo 12 from Nuendo 11 in Ukraine.
A message appeared in my shopping cart: “The product you selected is not available in your country.” What’s wrong?

but there’s no tick mark in the website …

An absolutely stellar release!

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