Nuendo 7 official release date & Grace Period start

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg today officially announces the availability of Nuendo 7.

Nuendo 7 release
Nuendo 7 will officially be available online and in pro-audio stores on June 25, 2015.

Nuendo 7 Grace Period
All initial activations of previous Nuendo versions, later than April 20, 2015
will be eligible for a cost-free update to Nuendo 7 (once available).

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Thank you! That was exactly the information that I was looking for!

Hello TimoWildenhain,
I have Nuendo 6.5 with NEK and i’m not eligible to cost-free update to Nuendo 7. But i want N7 with NEK :slight_smile:
How is the price for non-eligible members for the upgrade? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Michel Blanchet

Hello Michel,

official pricing will be announced shortly.


Thank you very much Timo.

Michel Blanchet

Does N7 still contain NEK?

Nuendo works with NEK, but doesn’t “contain” it. It would be nice :wink:

Curious, I’m about to upgrade from 5.5 to 6.5 while waiting for 7 (always good to have the previous version while waiting for initial bugs in the new one to get sorted out), and saw that a sample library was listed as one of features of Nuendo 6, and I bluntly assume, in extension, 7.
Is that strictly for full-price buyers, or is it included in the upgrades as well?


which library are you referring to (Pro Sound FX or HALion Sonic SE)? Both will be included in
Nuendo 7 (without NEK) as HALion Sonic SE 2 is now part of Nuendo 7 (without NEK).


June 25? I’m ready Timo. Thank you :slight_smile:

So excited!!
Thanks for the info.

Is the cost of upgrading from N5.5>N7 (both with NEK) going to be the same as N5.5>N6.5>(grace period, free)N7?

In other words, if I have N5.5+NEK now, is there any advantage in getting N6.5+NEK before N7 is released, or might I just as well wait and go straight from N5.5>N7?

The answer to this should be interesting …

If i may add something, If you are always “up to date” better is.
Best regards guys

Better for whom…?


Has there been an announcement stating the cost for N7? NEK?

I was wondering the same thing. We’re 9 days out from the release date. Pricing should be available information by now.

They will probably release the two at the same time. :wink:

This is a reasonable question, isn’t it? I just want to know if I lose out (or indeed, gain) by upgrading to 6.5 before the release of N7?


the official pricing announcement will be published next week alongside the release.
There will be no “surprises” as the pricing scheme follows the current structure.
The NEK will be cheaper.