Nuendo 8.3 FX Chain Presets won't load

The title says it all. FX chain presets won’t load. I can make new ones, but they won’t load either. This seems like a very big bug to me. I’m in the middle of mixing a new project and having to manually add all the plugins and then remember settings is a real PITA. Last album project I did in Nuendo 7 so I didn’t see this issue. I have to say that there are 2-3 real show stoppers for me in Nuendo. I’ve been using it since version 2. Version 8 has great features but sadly, it has unresolved bugs.

Does anyone have a workaround?


Can’t reproduce here. They work fine.

Really? You can setup an fx chain, save it and then load in into another channel? This function hasn’t been working for me at all. I’m on PC. Are you on MAC?

Yes. PC here. What are the exact steps for a repro? Perhaps use Licecap to create a capture of what you’re doing.

basically, I load a song that I’m going to mix. If I go into the mixer and try to load an fx chain preset, it doesn’t do anything. The load window closes without ever loading the fx chain. So, I add plugins to the inserts, tweak till it sounds good and then I save the fx chain. That seems to work, but when I go to load it, nothing gets loaded. I used this feature all the time in N7 and never had a problem with it. I can’t be sure exactly which Nuendo update broke it.

Certainly can’t repro that. Try with a fresh set of preferences to see if that makes a difference or launch Nuendo in safe mode.

FX Presets haven’t worked properly for a while. It’s a known bug (CAN-15795) and really annoying

I think I found the bug for this. I am running some test and will report to the forum my findings and a current solution for now until fixed. It was making me want to pull some hairs out.

Any workarounds for this bug?

Okay quickly. do you guys have Mounted drives for samples libraries connected through media bay? This definitely is causing HUGE load times for integrated presets. Media bay is the route cause here, they are some audio files that it seems not to like the characters of. I will make a post topic for this bug soon. just bottled-neck with deliveries this week