Number in Flow Title missing

The name of the flow is “6. Szene” but the “6.” will not show up in the flow title. The number shows up in other projects. Why would it be missing this one? I am stumped.

Either uncheck Resolve Markdown formatting for text tokens at the bottom of the Project Info dialog or replace “6.” with “6\.”


Thank you John, I’d like to add: this Checkbox does not exist in the iPad version (and probably not in the Elements version either).

@johnkprice, how did you know this? IIRC only markdown commands for italic, bold and bold italic are documented in the manual.

See Daniel’s reply at the end of this topic.

I see. From the version history I thought, that italic, bold and bold italic would be the only markdown formatting, which is supported in Dorico. @dspreadbury , are there other markdorn formatting characters we can use in Dorico?

No, there are not.

A few month ago I had to write the following title:

Sollt ich meinem Gott nicht ~singen~ swingen
(~…~ seems to be the markdown command for strikethrough, which doensn’t work on Discourse either)

Any chance of adding this?

To get this in Discourse:

Sollt ich meinem Gott nicht singen swingen

you need to type this:

Sollt ich meinem Gott nicht ~~singen~~ swingen


Do you know all this or are you searching for it? :grinning:

I searched and found it here:


I looked at this card, which has only one ~ on each side.:tipping_hand_man:

I guess some cheat sheets have mistakes in them. :man_shrugging:

We all know John has superpowers :superhero:


There are (unfortunately, of course) different flavors of Markdown.

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