Old [FR] 'Lock Locators'

This is nothing new but once a year or so I will request this.

Many times I will click in the timeline to set the song position there
and ‘BAM’! one of the locators has now moved to that same position and has to be reset.

Depending on the specific project etc, resetting the locator can be a real
slo-down and a disruption to workflow.

To be able to ‘lock’ both locators to specific positions in the project would be welcomed.

TIA Steiny

+1 I hate when that happens and usually both locators move for me. Then, for some reason, when correcting them I always move the first locator in the wrong direction. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Twelve Years I’ve requested this. But does he write? Or even call? He does not.



YES. +1 To being able to Lock Locators!

This would make me so happy.

And override snap for locators!!

I was about to agree, but I now have another solution.

The problem is only when clicking in the ruler to move the Cursor: if clicking to high (mouse pointer turns to a pencil), the locators move instead. Annoying when that happens.

But: the locators should still move then using the “P” key command, “grab and move”, dragging, using Ctrl/Alt, Transport panel and so on. The problem is only when clicking in the ruler.

Actually, this ruler clicking is really similar to [Ctrl+click for Left Locator] and [Alt+click for Right Locator].
The difference is just that no modifier key (Ctrl or Alt) is used, and then BOTH locators are moved instead of one.
This is unwanted behaviour; if no modifier key is clicked you don’t want to move any of the locators, but the Cursor. What if you really want to move both locators? Well, then Shift+click should be used instead.

So the solution, and my Feature Request, is very simple:

Don’t set the locators if the ruler is clicked without a modifier key (Ctrl/Alt/Shift).
And introduce Shift+click to move both locators, instead of just click without a modifier key.

On second thoughts, this would exclude the possibility to easily just draw the desired locatator span, without having to press Shift modifier key first. Maybe a “Lock Locators” function would be better after all?
But locators should then only be locked from moving when clicking in the ruler, not when using other methods to move them.

It could be a preference, as in a later post.
The user could then choose between the current behaviour, or using the new behaviour (shift+click for both locators, click for cursor)

A little tip until then: the preference “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” lessens the need to click in the ruler to move the Cursor (empty spaces in the workarea can then be used instead [if there is an empty space at correct position]).

My workarounds are set locators 14 and 15 to the same as 1 and 2.
And lately I have just created a dummy track with an empty part on it that goes from start to end of project, then it’s easy to select that part and hit P

Locators 14 and 15??

Using cycle markers is another workaround, by the way.


Personally, I like to use locators 34, and 67.5, but that’s just me. :confused:

I entered a separate Feature Request for my suggested solution:

I remember when I first asked for this.

I still had ADATs. Post 9/11. Pre-Iraq.

Time flies. :smiley:

I vividly remember a number of old users trying to convince me that I needed to learn to work -with- Cubase and not fight against. The locators were not meant to be locked. They were meant to be -used-.

I say now what I said then. Cubase is great. But at a certain point after ya design a program, it’s no longer -yours-. and no matter what they -intended- for ‘locators’ that is NOT how people -use- them. -Most- people use them as -boundaries- that they do NOT want to move unless there’s a damned good reason. And at some point the SBers should stop being stubborn (which is what it is), give in to the -reality-. Give people what they want.

What’s so galling is that even my dead gran’ could see how simple it would be to program this.

“work with program and not fight against it”. How often I’ve read that in software support forums. Many fond memories.

This lock locators thing, yes indeed. I thought my continual accidental messing up of the locators was new user ignorance.

I think the feature request could be broadened, perhaps: no default behaviour that changes something set and also depends on precise placement of a click. Offer modifiers instead: shift click, alt click, etc etc.

Yes sorry :slight_smile: was looking at a project while writing,.
Any number will do, 3, 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 would make more sense, as you can jump to them with a single keystroke on the keypad.

I used to use Cubase SX with ADATS at University (2002). Yes time does fly. Thankfully, things have moved a little forward now.

I couldn’t agree more about Locking Locators. They constantly move when I accidentally touch them and just want them to stay exactly where I put them. This would be a brilliant feature to add and can’t believe it isn’t in Cubase already. So simple.

OK how about this:

Starsprinkler posted:

if clicking to high (mouse pointer turns to a pencil)

If we can’t get ‘locked locators’ how about at least the ability to
‘turn off’ that ‘mouse pointer turns into a pencil thang’?

That way the locators would not ‘jump’ to that specific point.


Yes, it could simply be a preference:

  • Click moves both locators directly [and draws a locator span, “pencil thing”] (as today)
  • Shift+click moves both locators [“pencil thing”] / Click moves Cursor (new option)