Option to move locked tracks+events when "Insert Silence" or copying, pasting, cutting ranges

it would be nice to have an option to move locked tracks+events when inserting silence or copying, pasting and cutting entire ranges. If I lock my events, I normally don’t want them to move anywhere, except when I am inserting/cutting entire ranges, i.e. when writing songs.

Right now to not mess up your project, you would have to unlock everything before doing this. This can take a lot of time and sometimes you forget a certain track and only notice it later. But then it is already to late and the automation and positioning is off.

I don’t know any scenario, where I would want to let certain tracks or events at their position, when inserting silence for a new arrangement in the song or when cutting away a certain range, to paste it somewhere else.

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Voted for this - great idea, @Tj99 !

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