Perc. cue question

How do I ideally and practically deal with perc. cues in instances like this?


What seems to be the problem? I think we need more information about your goal here.

Well, potential problems:

  • Partial measure cue
  • Grace-note in cue

If you don’t see any problem, there might be any.

One thing I spot in the Snare is that it seems to be missing a 16th rest. Perhaps the cue region is just that much too long?


Besides what Mark pointed out, you’re not making much sense to me, GeirSol.
Are you suggesting you don’t want the grace note to be visible?
If you don’t want the cue to invade a bar partially, then adjust it to fit one full bar, extremely easy to do.

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@GeirSol , you say it’s a partial-measure cue? Do you mean that the trumpet is playing something on — or even before — beat 1 of m. 39? I would say that if there’s a musically prominent part in the trumpet that starts sooner than what you’ve shown, you’d want to include it. If beat 2 is indeed where the trumpet enters, it’s just fine. If, on the other hand, you meant the breaking off of the cue mid-measure in m. 40 when the percussionists start playing, that’s not a problem at all. (But @Mark_Johnson is spot-on about the missing sixteenth rest in the snare part.)

Regarding the grace note, it is followed by a glissando line over a rising sixth. If that is truly what the trumpet’s playing, then showing all of that info would be perfectly fine and even preferable to include over an abstracted quarter note that doesn’t tell the percussionists what’s actually being heard at that moment…

Well, I got the feedback that this wasn’t looking good as is. So, it both a question if this is how it’s best, and if not, how to get there.

Ok, then what I have should be good, except that missing 1/4th rest.
I don’t know how to fix that though, as it’s on the automatic side of Dorico.

I’ve been trying to recreate your tpt. and snare measures to replicate the 16th-rest problem (I assume you mis-typed “1/4”), but I cannot make Dorico not show it (proceeded by a quarter rest on beat 1 below the tpt. cue).

Also, as I understand it, it’s not possible to show pitched cues on unpitched percussion staves, so I’m curious how your (5-line) snare staff is set up to begin with.

It would be helpful if you shared a pared-down version of the project, following the Forum’s guidelines:

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Here’s the notes in gallery:

Now I see the 16ths your talking about. I was missing a 1/4t rest in snare.

Again, I would need to know how things are configured in your setup:

When I tried to replicate it I chose a snare drum from unpitched percussion, which is an (unpitched) 1-line staff that by design will only show the trumpet cue as a rhythmic cue:

Generated from this score:

And this is how it looks in perc+ timp.

I’ll see if I can get around to making a cut down project.

Here’s my setup:

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Okay, so now I see that your “Cue for…” staves are pitched instruments held by your percussion players.

I’m still not sure why the 1/4 rest on beat 1 and 1/16 rest on beat 2 in the snare part aren’t showing. Did you Remove Rests in the Edit menu?

No, I did not remove any rest there.
Please look at the image from gallery above.
There is no 16th rest because it’s to eights. Somehow Dorico is making the eights look like something else.

Hi @GeirSol

Just a suggestion: in a recent orchestral project I was told by the Orchester percussionist that is ok to have the perc. cues on a separate staff on the percussions score layout (as I showed in another thread).
To have this you need to extract the cues instruments and put them into a new separate player, which needs to be checked for the percussion layout.
Doing that I saved much time and headache, and had the advantage to be able to put cues also simultaneously where the percussion plays, when needed, without crowding the perc. staff/staves.

Thanks for catching my bad reading!

That is very odd. It looks as if you have a one-stroke multi-tremolo applied to successive sixteenth notes. But that doesn’t make sense with those eighth notes aligning with the timpani part. Hmm…

Ah, now that I see the cue is in a different instrument, I remember: The missing 16th rest is a known issue with instrument changes mid-bar. See this thread from 2019 for an explanation and a workaround.

Thanks! But the 16th rest is not an issue, as there should be none.
What looks like a 3/16 beat is actually 1+1/8.
There is however a 1/4th rest missing in the snare, but the solution mentioned in the thread Vanishing rests when changing instruments
can’t be the solution as there is no 1/2-rest to divide.