Percussion legend does not copy from score to parts (new version 2022)

For me, this function is very important. I wonder if it is possible to do this in the new version?
or for now it still have to create them in both the part and the score if you want them to appear in both places?

That is old Suggest/conversation:

Thank for any information.

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Welcome to the forum, @Yung-Ching. There’s no change in Dorico 4 in this regard, I’m afraid, but this would be worth a try:

Dear @dspreadbury :
I saw that suggestion, but I can’t find percussion legend in the filter.

You’re right, there’s no quick filter for Percussion Legends (which I will add at some point). In the meantime, you should be able to select them quickly using Ctrl+Shift+A (Edit > Select More).

Simple work-around is to use text instead of percussion legends. That way you don’t have to worry about if you remembered to copy them to parts or not.

I think the normal use would be to have same information in score and parts and if they differ that would be an exeption. But perhaps there is a technical reason to why it works differently in Dorico.

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In finale, I’m used to adding shortcut keys for that, That would save me a lot of time.
Use text is nice, But it’s annoying to check for any typo. I completely agree have same information in score and parts is normal.

Thanks you! Nice to know that! It helpful for me.

Would be great if there was an option to show these on both the score and parts without having to jump through the copy/paste hoops.