Playback Cursor becoming Tiny BLACK!

One Issue that exists also in Cubase 9.5.all versions…

The Playback Cursor becoming BLACK after some time!
And to bring it back again with the original shape and color…
…you need to move the “VIEW” of that is playing, to another place off the project and come back to the playback cursor view…

Image with the problem :

Image with the normal “LINE” timeline:

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(But best is to give more priority to the important issues, and in some point, fix that as well!)

the same - since 9.5

+1 here too

+1 happens randomly and not often here

I get this quite a lot, seems related to how heavy the project is. Cubase 10.

Can I have the thin playback cursor as a feature!!!

Happens here as well… C9.5 and 10

Yep, me too.

yeah me too on C9.5 for a long time. Very annoying.
Steinberg’s support told me this bug was solved in version 10 of Cubase ! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I guess I’ll wait before upgrading.


+1 Same here, yes.

+1. Very annoying, please fix this bug.


YESSSS for popcorn’s sake yessss me too! What’s with the glowing edges goodness!!!

I see this from time to time. It’s visually annoying but doesn’t seem to have any impact on the operation of the program.

It goes away if you refresh the screen or close and re-open the Project.

First vew times I saw it, it bothered me. Now, I don’t care about it. Of all the many things that can be improved in the program this oddity ranks low for me. I’m sure it’s a “known issue.”

Problem still unsolved on 10.0.50
I opened a ticket on march 2018 about this, first support said it was a known bug planned to be solved with version 9.5.30, then that it was complicated and now they say they can’t reproduce the problem.

Edit : today they said it was a reported issue CAN-26550

Is it possible to include CAN-26550 in the subject now ?

confirmed. randomly happening since Cubase 9.5.

+1 Same here.
Annoying thing.

Did anyone open a ticket @ steinberg support?

Yes : 2 years ago :laughing: