Playback speed bug in 5.1?

Since 5.1 i have a project which, after doing an accel gets pegged at qtr = 500 even if i stop and go back to a prior spot. I am able to reset it by going back to the beginning of the flow, but if i don’t and just continue everything is really fast. it’s quite exciting if not musically a bit strange. i have tried to recreate this with a small project but have failed so far.

Bernhard, I fear you have to append at least an example… (Or send it to devs…)

Likely related to this, reported multiple times: Short fermata causes playback tempo change to 500 - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

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Please attach the project here, Bernhard, or send it to me so that I can investigate further.


I hope this works. I could not put it in the forum as it is too large to get the error, start playback in mvt 3, then stop it after the accel,but before the end … then restart anywhere.


(Attachment ramblings_orchestra_v2_178.dorico is missing)


i could not attach project or respond in an email as it is 5mb and was therefore rejected. is there another way we can do this?

Put it in a Dropbox-like cloud app and send Daniel a link.

You can email it to me directly at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.