Please add formatting options for ADR dialogues

Nuendo’s ADR tool is really cool. I was amazed when I was introduced with the ADR panel first and saw a real benefit of using it for our game dubbing project for which we do all the relevant stuffs manually. So we decided to start a trial period and later switch to Nuendo from Cubase if things works out well.

Unfortunately, soon we realized a big flaw in the software which makes all these cool features almost useless for our game projects. It is disappointing to know there is no way to change format settings of ADR dialogues shown in the video player. There is not a way even to modify the font family: currently, it is determined based on the system’s settings, which causes inconsistent experience from machine to machine.

Game dialogues(hence markers) are arranged based on voice-over files as opposed to timecodes as for movies. Because of that, the dialogues of long audio files won’t fit the video player screen for the actor to read. Neither I can move the text upward, nor I can make it smaller.

A minor, yet another complain is about the naming policy for ADR-generated events. It is really cool to find out the possibility of using ADR data for event names, yet it is disappointing to see we cannot change the separator(_) to another character, nor we cannot remove the track name from the policy.

We really wanted to stay with Nuendo after the trial period, however, seeing the issue being reported since 2018(!) without any response from the product team put us in doubt whether it is worth crossgrading. I do not know if this will ever make it to the relevant team in the company, neither I do another way of reaching out to them, however, as a software engineer, I can say these are not supposed to be complex features to implement from a developer standpoint, I assume it is just a matter of a poor communication between the product team and a particular group of users. We hope the ADR tool will once be a definite solution to go with for people like us who works with game dialogues.

Hi @elnur
There are already several threads regarding the ADR topic, so maybe it is better to follow one of these instead of openeing new threads

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Hi @chednb ,

I am aware of the other posts regarding the topic, as I searched the forum thoroughly before, hoping to find a solution to the problems I mentioned. I just wanted to point the issues from another perspective as a form of a feature request and a customer complaint. The threads you are referring to are from years ago and yet there is not a definite resolution released by Steinberg for most of the pointed concerns, which is disappointing.

I mean, it is been reported since 2018 and there is still not a way to change a damn font of the ADR lines in the video player, let alone changing the size or position of the text! :slight_smile: All we can do is to remove the unwanted font from the OS system altoghether. These are very elementary details for an ADR software, which should have been addressed long before.

If you are from Steinberg, please take my post as a feature request or a customer complaint and let me know where I should talk about my concerns like these as a customer. I am sorry, if this is not a right place for this.

Hi @elnur ,
I’m not from Steinberg, but too many threads regarding one topic just make the whole thing confusing imho.
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