Please Fix custom color UI!

I really need Cubase to hold my custom color for user interface. For some reason it can’t and its really annoying. Nothing helps not even saved presets. Every time I start Cubase or Nuendo I have to manually reset color values.

What makes me angry is that this is an old bug. We are paying for updates any you can’t fix this for several years.

Fix it already! :angry:



Which Cubase/Nuendo version do you use? Are you on Mac or Windows?

Does Cubase/Nuendo quit properly or does it crash (silently)? Can you see the Safe Start Mode dialog while starting Cubase/Nuendo?

Cubase 13 and Nunedo 12 both on Windows 11.
No crash report just shifted color values for HSV in Preferences for Custom Color Scheme.

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Does it return to the previous colors, or to the default one?

Is this the only setting, which is not persistent?

I set the value at
H: 180
S: 10
V: 40

Next time I open up Cubase or Nuendo the color is shifted to some higher color value and so changing the look of hole UI. It will shift color value even during saving to preset. For whatever reason it simply can’t hold these values.

If there is a way to manually fix this please tell me.

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Could you be talking about this bug?

Or this one:

Or this one, documented in a video 3 years ago?

Could it be that it doesn’t happen an all Cubase installations?

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I have this problem too. I wanted to keep my track colors from an older version/older projects so I wrote down the color codes for a few different track types. Then when I try to enter them manually (at least since Cubase 12, probably since before that too) the color codes are not accepted - It seems different color codes for tracks etc work on the condition of which background colors you have. I have seen a couple of videos on YouTube too where they show that certain color codes change the next time you open.

This guy has a nice walk thru on the new Cubase 13 colors;:
Setting Your System Colors in Cubase 13 - YouTube

I have the same problem in Cubase and Nuendo 13. I set a specific RGB or HSV and the color shifts by 1 or 2 random intervals.

I’m experiencing this bug in Cubase 13.0.10 on Apple Silicon. Same thing happened in Cubase 12 on an Intel Mac.

I found an old post that discusses this bug from several years ago. I tested it out. If you save your color settings, and then reload Cubendo several times, it slowly changes the UI. The last time I tested this in Nuendo 12, the UI gradually changed to dark purple.

Let’s test in Nuendo 13. I am restarting Nuendo several times.

Nuendo (first time loading)


9th - This is strange. I waited a couple hours before testing it again. The values changed much more.

10th - Also strange. The saturation value went up

11th - So it seems that duration of time impacts the fluctuation of UI color values.


My values started at:
H(ue): 210
S(aturation): 11
V(alue): 35

After restarting 11 times, the values became:
H(ue): 200
S(aturation): 11
V(alue): 26


I wonder if this is the software equivalent to incontinence.
It might be a 1000 EUR software but it can’t hold its bladder.


The price point is definitely why I’m bitter. It feels like we bought a car with great features only to find the interior was completely busted and broken.

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… a car with great features only to find the interior was completely busted and broken has some fit and finish issues.

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Has Steinberg confirmed they are working on this? I prefer the light grey theme, but this color drift issue (as well as a few other inconsistencies) are a bit of a nuisance. I would urge Steinberg to make the light grey theme more consistently dark text/icons against the grey background rather than white text (e.g. in key commands and plugins window, elsewhere as well.) For me it’s just preference but for some people with vision issues having an alternative to the inverted dark theme paradigm is a real accessibility consideration.

EDIT: Color drift fixed in 13.0.30, thanks very much.


There are some changes in this area in the next maintenance update.