Please stop this automatic mediabay update

Please for heavens sake stop this automatic update the Mediabay on entry of the Download manager . Last time it boke my system . I went to the DLM to see the release notes of the Halion 7.20 for which there isn’t any and yet again as soon as you connect to the downlaod manager it installs a new mediabay .
I find this very annoying and intrusive to be honest . I control what’s installed on my system NOT an automatic process just for opening a program .


I did find the Halion 7.0.20 release notes in Download assistant … perhaps they weren’t yet available when you checked?

Maybe not , bit strange but anyway ,You can also find them on the Steinberg website .

I’m not sure if I would want it disabled because MediaBay is integrated with so much other features and functions in Cubase it could cripple the application. But then I don’t have a clue as to what the update is even about! Really, I would be interested about the intended purpose of this Media Bay update. It’s some type of update but not a scan correct? What is it updating?

The way the scan (not update) works is anytime you open Cubase, an auto-scan occurs. This did not happen in older Cubase versions. The auto-scan alone is controversial, but you can disable it in the preferences so it only scans when you open Media Bay. But there are times I want to open Media Bay and not have it conduct a scan. This is because the auto-scan automatically checks boxes in the user area that I have purposely left unchecked, I would like a auto-scan disable option.

So what is the media bay update actually achieving? I’m pretty sure when you open Cubase, this auto scan still happens.

This has nothing to do with you opening Cubase , this is about going on line and opening the download manager , as soon as you sign in to LOOK in the manager it automatically installs what ever it is being installed, you tell me, im as wise as you and that is the point , NO CONTROL over whats being installed

Yes, I realize that. Neither of us know what is being updated.

My first paragraph says that. Do you know what this update is about?

It would appear that the Media Bay server is becoming a background shared service similar to the Library Manager and Activation Manager, hence the auto update by the Download Assistant.
A bit of background here and here.

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No software should download anything without permission/asking first. Sometimes, dev’s arrogance astounds me.
(Talking generally here, not just Steinberg.)
Also, every time I use the useless download manager it updates itself. I say useless, because hardly anything I’ve bought from Steinberg appears in it.

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Maybe im getting confused with this Mediabay thing , is it just the mediabay in the Download Manager being up dated or is it ALL of the mediabays for the Steinberg system ? I think terminology is everything here .

So after reading the two threads posted ,i stand by what im asking .
I had terrible issues using H7 with Cubase AFTER a forced download of the mediabay MID PROJECT while LOOKING in the Downloader to see if any licences could be swapped to the new system , and this is my point .
If you system is running well the last thing you want to do is update ANYTHING , say your on H7.0 and Cubase 12.0 and happily working away and an announcement comes up on the forum for X has now been moved to the new licencing system please download the update you are FORCED to install the latest mediabay which may NOT be compatible with your system .
We all know how much C12 has been broken and fixed in different point updates of C12 and this new approach of forced download is a bit concerning to me as i keep a track of what’s installed on my computer . A lean mean working machine that I control what version of what i want to use

I don’t get whats so hard to understand about the OP. I just wanted to download the downloader to grab some installers to use on my actual music pc at home whilst on a friends high speed broadband.
I had to wait for mediabay to do something that took ages. I did not want this and its the same reason I stopped using adobe. I did not want to install it, now I need to remove it from the PC I am on along with: Activation Manager, Install Assistant, Library Manager, eLicenser Control. 4 programs installed I did not want or ask for. They have nothing to do with downloading. I don’t know what services have also been installed.
Thats the point.

When attempting to open download assistant, I see an attempt to update Steinberg MediaBay, which never completes. I have to close it through task manager. Any ideas?