Port routing issue for expression map Init-type actions

I host my orchestral template in Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 and noticed that channels on port 1 receive midi triggered by Dorico expression map INIT actions for instruments routed through port 2 (or higher) in the endpoint configuration.

I encountered this previously in Dorico 3.5 but didn’t bother to get to the root of it. But it’s Dorico 4 (which I love, it’s a wonderful update) that motivated me to redo my template and I encountered this slightly odd behaviour again.

Attached zip contains a PDF with relevant screen shots, a Dorico 4 file with minimum set-up to replicate the issue along with the corresponding VEP server file. The VEP server file just hosts empty Kontakt instances with midi monitoring scripts.

My work around is to only use port 1 and use multiple instances of VEP instead. So, it’s not a big deal for me and certainly not a priority. But I thought you might want to know about this.

Port routing issues.zip (1.3 MB)

I remember a related problem being reported before, e.g. this one:

I don’t think we have changed this in Dorico 4, so I suspect Dorico is still only sending these INIT messages on port 1.