Position keeps resetting to 1st bar of 1st flow when switching layouts

Is there a way for Dorico to remember the last position a particular layout was at?

Here’s an example of what I’m experiencing:

I am working on a project with many flows. Part of my workflow will have me go between different parts in both Write and Engrave mode. For example, I am on Flow #5 viewing my score at some bar in the middle. I then need to check something on my 1st flute part so I select that part from the dropdown. I see the 1st flute part, but I am at bar 1 of the first flow. I use Command+G to go to flow #5 in this part, make some edits and now go back to the score. I am placed at bar #1 of the first flow.

Every single time I go between any part/layout, the position is never remembered. This is quite maddening when trying to move quickly and make edits between a score and parts.

Is there a setting I’m missing that will remember the last position of each part/layout as I move through them? As it stands now, this is a total productivity drain and it’s quite a drag!

There isn’t a setting you’ve missed. There is a workaround in this thread from 2 years ago, and see this thread for more details regarding Dorico 4.

I’ve found that selecting a note from the score and simply typing “w” will go from the score to the part at that exact place (with the note still highlighted). You can then select a location on the part (when you are done with it), and type “w” again will send you back to the score at that exact place. Re-orient a place on another stave, rinse and repeat. It works nicely for me. You can select anything, a dynamic, rehearsal mark, etc. YMMV as I don’t know how having different flows will affect this way of navigating, but I believe it should work.