possible to choose another music fonts?

In the Engrave/music fonts menu there is the option to choose another fonts, but clicking the button doesn’t open another fonts. Is this a bug? I find the standard Bravura font a little hard to look at.

Only SMuFL-compliant fonts that you have installed on your computer will appear in the Music Fonts dialog. The only other SMuFL-compliant font available as of today is November, which you can buy here.

Thanks, but will there be more choices available in future updates of Dorico?

Building a music font takes hundreds, if not thousands, of hours, and Bravura contains more than three thousand symbols. I don’t anticipate that we at Steinberg (which really means me, in this particular case) will develop another music font with a traditional engraved appearance, though we may add music fonts of different kinds (e.g. handwritten appearance) in the future.

The point of the SMuFL standard is to make it easier for font designers to produce music fonts that are compatible with a wider range of software. This is starting to happen: see, for example, Music Type Foundry.

Yes, I am sure it takes a lot of work to create them and I am glad to see that there are some more fonts available for actually a low price. I love the way how the old classical scores look that I grew up with. So installing for example the MTF Cadence font will follow all the engraving options that can be set in Dorico? No strange glitches?

That is correct. Although each SMuFL font has a few built-in recommended engraving style settings to match the style of the typeface, you can choose not use them and only change the font, if desired.

I posted a link to some SMuFL compatible fonts here:

MuseScore’s fonts seem to work well. You need not only the font itself, but also the JSON file that defines its metrics for Dorico. This has to be put into a particular folder. See here:

Encore’s Aloisen also claims to be SMuFL, but there’s no JSON file (as far as I know).

As is the case for Verovio’s Leipzig.

I had a look at this font, but find it too fat, I understand that this font is praised very high by engravers, but somehow I can’t share this feeling. Of course, it’s very personal. Maybe this can be adjusted in settings in Dorico?

I’ve visited the github page for the smufl font project and I see that there are ‘alternate glyphs’ available, which seem to permit alternate characters for various categories of symbols, as far as Dorico is concerned. For example, I’d like to use straight flags, and I see that there is “uniE240.ss03 flag8thUpStraight Combining flag 1 (8th) above (straight)” is this subsitute available, among others.

My question is, how does one implement these substitutes? I see nothing available inside of dorico. Is there a way to make a variant of bravura with certain subsistutes implemented?

In the specific case of straight flags, that’s already possible: go to the Notes page of Engraving Options and you will find an option to use straight flags.