Possible to have subforums again? Cubase Versions - Feature Requests - Announcements - Bugs & Issues

Hey there, is it possible to have subforums again?
Before everything was organized like this:


________ Announcements
________ Issues & Bugs
________ Feature Requests

________ Announcements
________ Issues & Bugs
________ Feature Requests

________ Announcements
________ Issues & Bugs
________ Feature Requests

and so on…

This forum like it is now is just way more complicated than it needs to be, i.e. everything Cubase related and even all different cubase versions land in one big subforum and you have to see everything you are not even interested in, its just unnecessarily bloated.

Also is there any way to see by whom was the last activity on a certain thread?

While this forum concept may work with a few threads in a while where subforums would be overkill, it is an big mess with such a high user base.


optional tags are not enough?

How do optional tags help, when entering the forum and all one sees is basically everything thrown together on one big list?

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maybe depends what you are "looking for " in the Forum.
in which case that is not enough for you?

Click on the tag, you will see a list of topics with that tag. Or formulate a url, navigate to it and (and bookmark it)

For example

Or, if you want to see Cubase category topics only that are tagged Feature Request:

You can use the advanced forum search as well, and the result will show you the search syntax used.

here we can see what is happening…
for FR i think it will be always about the next release right?

Sorry, but that does not work well.
If I click i.e. on the issues tag, everything listed is for all cubase versions. I want to see issues of my version, not all together. So you need always 2 tags together, which does not work like this.
Also you always have to find a thread with that tag in the list to click on it. Happened often to me now, that I had to scroll down to find that tag to open a list of things I wanna see.



Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me.
The screenshot you posted is basically the problem I mentioned.

You have issues with Nuendo12 and want to see if there are any people having similar problems.
Before you had to do 2 clicks to show all Nuendo12 issues.


and voilà.

Right now you need about 10 clicks and you have to use the advanced search.
This is a big step back from the forum like it was before. You have to make 5x more moves than before to find what you’re looking for. This is not how you encourage people to use this forum.

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Yeah and how exactly is this not a step back from how it was before, where you basically had to make 2 clicks to see everything you need, instead of being dependent on the advanced search, which takes about 10 clicks?

Apart from the fact that nobody looking for something needs a list of everything thrown together on startup.

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Explore a little bit. There are several ways to arrive at what you’re after. It’s a very good system, and many users who hated it at first now like it.

You may as well, since it will not be going back to the old forum software.

It’s up to you what you want to see when you come to the forum.
You now have it configured to show a list with everything. But if you use the Category page, it’s 2 clicks. Click the category, select the tag from the dropdown. It’s sorted by date, so the newest will mainly be about the newest version. If that’s not enough, add a second tag.

You can also mute Categories and/or Tags you don’t want to see.

Ok, so maybe I got it wrong and you can helpe me setting it up, the way someone would use a forum like everywhere else.
What I am interested in is being able to enter the forum and have basically three things to choose:

  • all Cubase12 related issues sorted from new to old
  • all Cubase12 related feature requests from new to old
  • everything else Cubase12 releated

If possible: open all three things simultaneously in 3 different tabs. Before this was 4 clicks in total for everything, couldn’t be more easy and intuitive. Could not figure out an easy way to do this here, though.

You should not expect it to work like the old forum, it’s a different paradigm entirely.

Did you test the suggestions and links in my first post to this topic?

I am not expecting it to work like the old forum, I just want to see what I could see before, and how to get there easily, within a few clicks. And yes I tested the links, but what do they have to do with the issues I mentioned?

I suggested that you construct a url and save it as a bookmark. This is for when you need more than one tag included. The old forum was worse, since you could not combine subforums, even though many people posted to the wrong subforum.

That’s about all the advice I can offer.

Yep, that what I was thinking. So there is also no internal favourites/bookmark/shortcut system to let you customize what you see. Okay.

But then there is another issue when using the advanced search:

There is no counter for

  • the views
  • for the replies
  • for the votes

I guess there is also no way to show that?
And what about the name of the last person who posted on a thread?

PS: The old forum was not worse, because there was no need to combine two tags like issues/feature-requests, or was it? Plenty of big forums world-wide work like the old forum did. would you say all these are worse?

I don’t say the tag system is bad, absolutely not, but give the people an easy and intuitive way to see what they need and make it easily accessible, not forcing them to use the advanced search or save URLs in our browsers.

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Have you explored the preferences page in your account here?
Forum Guide.

Yes, I have set it that way, that I mute all things, which I’m not interested in generally. But as already said, when entering the forum it is most of the times to look for feature-requests OR issues OR something else, not everything at once.

And even then, how to make the advanced search show all the additional infolike mentioned above, I mean there is plenty of unused space anyway?

This link will get you to all C12-tagged posts: Search results for 'Cubase 12' - Steinberg Forums

I created/bookmarked it from the advanced search. It can be modified, either from within the advanced search, or otherwise- for example, replacing the “2012” in the link with a “2011” will display all the Cubase 11-tagged posts.

I haven’t tried to see if one can do something like you requested, “Cubase 12” + “feature requests” from within advanced search.

This is potentially a big fail though, as it depends on someone making the effort to tag their post in the first place!

Yeah, it could be lots better. I support your feature request!

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There is a lot which could be better. I don’t have problems with new systems as long as they are convenient and intuitive, which imho is not the case here. To sum up everything:

  • the name of the user you replied to is often missing at the top of a post you created. Thus, it is often not apparent to which post was replied to
  • When using Advanced Search, the number of clicks, views and votes is not displayed.
  • Also missing there is the marking, whether it was already read or not, whether there is an unread comment, or whether it is a new topic. But there would be enough space to do all this.
  • There is no possibility to save advanced searches as favorites, this would save a lot of click work. Instead I was told to save the advanced search as a bookmark.
  • You have to hide all categories and tags in the preferences that you are not interested in. These are tens of categories and tags, but new ones are added all the time, so you always have to update this blacklist. But it is exactly the other way around, that you rather have a handful of topics that interest you. So a whitelist would be much more logical than a blacklist.
  • It is generally not shown which user has made the last comment on a certain topic, which was the case before.
  • No possibility to specify signatures to make possibly important information automatically visible such as PC/CPU/ etc. but also personal information.
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