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I composed arranged and mixed this music for a Promo (trailer) of a show “En Desam En Makkal” in Vijay TV. The title means My Country My People, which showcases on fighting against injustices happening around us. The people/public can participate and try to solve some issues happening in and around their place.

This promo initially had Voice over in Tamil language. I removed it in order to get some feedback on music who don’t understand Tamil language.

The concept of the promo is, the host of the programme will be standing and thinking that to have peaceful life is a luck. And since we don’t get a peaceful life we run in search of some other destinations. But its because we didn’t care to fight against some injustice happening around us, today we can’t find peaceful life. So this TV show is a place where each people can bring forward some issues and lets fight together and try to solve as much as we can.

So the music I composed in 4 segments, first with seashore waves and an ambient music showing the mysterious illusions around us of not getting peace. Second, showing some people not caring to fight when they witness some incidents in front of them like, a man beating his wife, boys teasing some girls on the street, etc. The third, showing when we try to fight and solve an issue instead of being silent. And the fourth segment, showing the TV show’s title, hear again I’ll play the music to bring some peace.

Please send your valuable feedback.


I listened twice to the posting on Soundcloud so as not to be distracted by visuals. Strictly as a piece of music, this is excellent to me. The mix, the sounds and transistions in mood are great. I can’t think of anything that should be different. You should be proud of this

Sounds perfectly fine and well suited to its purposes to me !!

Thanks a lot Mr M and Monsterjazzlicks for listening to my music and for your kind words.

i don’t think you need any help whatsoever !! You can do it all already !! :smiley:

Thank you Monsterjazzlicks. But as your nickname shows, I need your opinions on a jazz jingle I’m still working on. However the client wanted a different tune and more faster tempo and something like more upbeat jazz and swing. I hope you could give me some tips and help which I’m missing in that track. Jazz is not my cup of tea. :slight_smile:

I am not sure in which thread I must post something on work in-progress track, so I posted in Music lounge then I found no replies, and re-posted it in Made with Cubase thread. Advise me where I must keep the post and where to delete. You can reply in the appropriate thread. Below is the link to that post from each thread, please reply in a thread where I should maintain it.

From made with cubase:

From Music Lounge:

Hope to hear from you soon.


you clearly know what your doing regarding production, the rest is just subjective and as background music it is what it is and is perfectly suitable for the subject…Kevin

Is the 29 x second version (via the link to Soundcloud) is the piece you are refering to ??

As a piece of music (theme/harmony/rhythm etc) it works fine. And even though it is less than 30 x secs it still sounds complete. But is the client not happy with what you have written so far ??

i think my jazz buddies use the East West Brass VSTi. i only have HALion VSTi and use my Emu Sampler for brass.

i think (at the very end of the piece) you are wanting a LONG BRASS FALL. One that sustains for one beat, and then ‘falls’. You will need a sample to perform this. You won’t be able to ‘play’ it in or apply pitch-bend or any such controllers (to the notes) to achieve this effect.

Thanks Kevin. Its just that I recently purchased Cubase 6.5 (even though was in music production for past decade) and came across these threads where I can discuss or share my music and thought it would be great to know the cons and pros and a real opinions from other musicians around the world.

And its very useful for me to upgrade my musical skills with such discussions.

Thanks again Kevin. Sorry but I’m a bit formal to thank often.

Thanks and regards

But it gives me pleasure to hear opinions or feedback from other musicians around the world than just with my clients :slight_smile: It helps me to know other part of my music which I or my clients ignored or didn’t feel same. And it could actually help me to upgrade my skills or sounds for future.

No, I was telling about the first link, more of a scratch unmixed un-balanced track. Then later I updated with second link to soundcloud where I have finally inserted some samples with falloffs and also wrote falloff notes on saxophone.

Thanks for letting me know it sound good for you.

Yes, the clients finally didn’t like it much. They wanted different tune and faster tempo with more of upbeat jazz and swing. Now I’m doing a research how it sound if its that fast!!! Good or not I must and have to please the clients and also see I am happy with that piece. The problem is one day time. Even the above track was done in one day.

Yes you are right what I was asking. I know pitch bend or controllers won’t sound natural at all. I didn’t expect this also. But something like changing the cutoff/resonance/attack to the falloff notes written. There must be many other tweak to get it right like vibrato, legato, breath/expression, etc.

Thanks for mentioning EW Brass vst. I too heard about them. But do they have falloffs and are they flexible that I can write or change the falloff notes and duration? Did you use it?

Thanks a lot Monsterjazzlicks. I will try to save some bugs to get that brass vsti.

Thanks and regards

Here is a link to the site (Time Space) where all my mates buy their VST’s from. Producer Loops and East West are supposed to be the best for Brass. They also have mp3 demostrations which you can easily download and listen to in detail at your leisure.

WHAT is the musical criteria for the project which the client is booking you for ?? Is it for an advert, film, radio jingle ??

And is it that you are not sure HOW to arrange/compose Jazz, or that you don’t know WHO to listen to as regards to reference material ??

Thanks for the link. I have that Sax Supreme and love it. I can see what I can get next time. And they are in my reach for the price :smiley: .

I’m sorry I didn’t tell the purpose of the track. But I wanted your opinions on the track as it is that’s why didn’t put more detail on its purpose. It is an advert for Amusement Park.

I just wanted to know how the track sounds for other musician ears. I’m not much used to work on jazz though. I have already composed and arranging another track for the same.

Thank you very much monsterjazzlicks.

And the video will be photo shots in time lapse.

Great production for film or TV and lots of ambiance. Beautiful. Michael.

Thanks micheal for you appreciations feedback and listening. It’s pleasure to get feedbacks.

Thanks & Regards


The topic has unfortunately diverted, my apologies for that.

Regarding the topic about the Jazz jingle, I’ve completed with a new final version. Please visit below link for my latest update n that jingle and leave your valuable comments. :slight_smile:

Warm Regards

I think the music does a great job in combining two distinct style of music. I did now watch the short but saw it has more than 50k hits. So others truly like it also. Great job

As far as horn parts one great way to do a track is use one real instrument along with other great samples. I often will use either a Trumpet/ Sax player along with sampled sounds. I have had very few people know they are samples even in Straight ahead Jazz tunes…I’m diverging from original topic again lol

Thanks a lot for listening and commenting your valuable appreciation. If 50k likes, it could be for the programme itself than music. If that’s YouTube.

Yea you r right. Would love to listen that track you were telling. But most of times they don’t provide enough funds for this.

That’s okay I’m at the blame. But how was the final jingle with brass one?