QUESTION: All key commands, PLE and LE commands documented?

Is there a place somewhere on the SB site where a -current- list of all key commands, PLE commands and LE commands is kept?

Obviously, this is not updated in the Operation PDF, but now that the docs seem to be going ‘into the cloud’ I was hoping it might be somewhere in the bowels of the site.

Here’s a thread with some utilities to generate a list of all current key commands:

Don’t know about the LE and PLE commands though…


Just ran Cubase_ShowAllShortcutKeys.vbs from the thread above and noticed it did output my PLE settings. Here’s an excerpt:

Show #HW
Process Project Logical Editor DR -Trk Vis Show #HW
Process Project Logical Editor Open #HW
Show #HB
Process Project Logical Editor DR -Trk Vis Show #HB
Process Project Logical Editor Open #HB
Show #HS
Process Project Logical Editor DR -Trk Vis Show #HS
Process Project Logical Editor Open #HS

Thanks, but this is more of an Annual Request and grouse.

I find it annoying that -I- have to root around for new key commands and PLE and LE capabilities with each new release… like a Where’s Waldo.

Since they now have an HTML help system, it seems reasonable that the dev(s) who add these small items to the code should -also- be able to add them to the CMS as part of their workflow.


Sigma 1!

Agreed. I’d love to have the key commands in a PDF. I’d also like docs on the generic remote commands.

As a former software developer, I -know- how much devs HATE documentation. Back in my day, it was a total time-sink to stop to document every frickin’ change.

But the tools these guys use now are 1000% better. They could EASILY automate the process of adding at least a -couple- of lines of text to the public web site when they add a new key command or LE target. (After all, they had to write it up during a planning meeting, right? They don’t just throw code in on a whim, right? Right? :smiley: )

That’s what drives me nuts. They already -do- document this stuff—internally. We just never see it.

And it kinda galls me that, after all these years, there’s no encouragement or incentive for users to create and share LE and PLE macros. (Eg. there’s never been a section on any forum for macros, right?) They add these little Easter Eggs to the program, but it’s almost as though they don’t -want- users to take advantage of them. The ONLY features that get advertised are the ‘sexy’ gizmos. But that’s not where most of us -live- in Cubase.

Holy assumption alert, Batman!


I am constantly hunting for these functions.
Trying to figure out IF a certain function exists at all - and there are Key Commands that are not GR Commands and vis versa so one never knows - and then having to hunt down every Function Tree in the available commands (cause there are a million and why a certain function is buried where it is not always clear) can take forever.

It WOULD be great to have a list of these . . .though it would be a long one.


That may be, but Steinberg is known for stickying the occasional uber-helpful user-initiated topic, such as “Tips and Workflow Goodness” (link in my sig), “How to set up Generic Remote” (C7 forum, iirc), and the like. I’m sure if you were to start one re: Macros and if it took off, they would probably sticky that one also.

Go for it! :slight_smile:

[Edit: What the heck, I started one off. Pseudo-newbie that I am (knowledge-wise, if not time of ownership-wise), fingers crossed that some wise ones (looking at you!) add some good macros to the list!]

There was a discussion about a list for all key commands some time ago. Somebody shared the list he created, I believe it was 27 pages long. Unfortunately, the link expired and I couldn’t download it. It really would help us non-programmers to have such a list. Since we can’t cut and paste it’s difficult to create one. Did anyone get this list?

And, not only is there need for much better documentation, there’s also need for Usage Examples. The Operation Manual’s sections on these topics is not clear; it’s overly concise and lacking details or usage examples, hence, for me and I think others, these parts of Cubase remain largely unexplored and unused. Without the threads on the forum there’s no way I’d have learned to use these items at all, and, I’ve found this disappointing.

Old MIDI programs, like Cakewalk, Seq. Plus, Sonar, had built-in “transforms” that manipulated MIDI data in ways that PLE and related Cubase editors on should be able to easily do, but rather than providing useful examples and expanded documentation, we’re expected to build it ourselves and attempt to parse these questions on the forums and elsewhere.

I wouldn’t mind taking each and every function in the PLE and attempting to create some kind of User-created documentation in this thread featuring use examples. Is there not a Cubase Wiki? If not, there should be.

In the Steinberg back offices there must be some documentation on these things and more should be released if possible.

Help using Key Commands

A user suggested making a screen shot of some of the Key Commands sections you want to be using, then, put those images on your screen(s). That way you can have them there until they finally sink in and you’ve memorized the various commands.

Ya think? :smiley:

Stephen57 had a good suggestion about working with screen shots. There are 57 folders, but if we all work on the project it would not be that bad, but will be great for everyone. I just did this for the main menus for offline learning. Maybe we can ask for help later on, like requesting a special ‘hangout’ …?

Same applies to “Preferences” settings. :unamused:

I still make a living slinging code, so on behalf of developers everywhere I’d like to be the first to welcome you to planet Earth. We hope your stay here is a pleasant one. :smiley:

Not sure I follow on this one. I brought up Key Commands, but after expanding the folders I still don’t see the hotkeys until I select individual commands, one at a time. Am I missing something?

Not sure? What I was suggesting was that you open up a category and then take a screen shot of some useful Key Commands. Then, place that Screen Shot on your computer’s Main Screen. That way, you can quickly minimize Cubase and refer to the main screen. I’ve found that I’m gradually learning various key commands and even assigning some of my own, but it takes time and repeated use to integrate them into my work.

When I go into Key Commands, here’s how it appears:
Key Commands Screen Shot.jpg
More advanced users may have better ideas about how to deal with this. Good luck. :slight_smile: